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  1. Re: Erzen Krasniqi Arsenal can anyone be friend with me in soccer manager my name is erzen krasniqi but i am registred as erzen rasniqi.noone give me the answer where can i do my surname krasniqi .
  2. Re: Erzen Krasniqi Arsenal no you can`t bcs i change one time and i can`t do that anymore.
  3. I am erzen krasniqi.i am new in this forum and i would like to make a lot of friends here.my favorite team is arsenal and i`m a gunner.one think in soccer manager i have my name erzen rasniqi but my true name is erzen krasniqi.how can i edit the surname because i don`t want to have my surname rasniqi but krasniqi.:)how can i add that K in my surname
  4. Re: Official Arsenal Thread we are in difficult situation but i think that arsenal will be back.for szczesny i think is very bad bcs he was simply the best in those hard games for arsenal.Hope to be back soon.proud to be a gooner
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