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  1. Berardi's first few seasons in Serie A were more impressive than anything Chiesa has done He's a good player but definitely overhyped
  2. Definitely won't be a starter, I'd say he will be 5th choice CB at best. Toloi - Palomino - Masiello will start with Mancini cover Bettella/Djimsiti next in line because of Varnier injury so he might get some minutes but I wouldn't expect anything major I think Bettella and Carraro (5m fee) were bought as a favour to Inter to help them with possible FFP trouble
  3. Anybody know anything about soccerwiki? I've made edits that have been stuck at voting in progress for about a month User: RobertoFerri seems to be clogging up the system by making dozens of changes every day for transfers that haven't happened yet
  4. No +1 for de Vrij is the biggest miss today especially with Skriniar getting 91 Kessie, Donnarumma, Suso did not deserve rises, Donnarumma has been hyped well beyond his performances Rodriguez has been a big disappointment along with almost all of Milan's signings, Biglia's drop is more harsh as he actually performed quite well under Gattuso Cancelo was best rb in the league after he broke into first team but Gagliardini was quite lucky to get 90 Felipe Anderson drop harsh because he was injured nearly half the season
  5. He's not really anything special and Verona had a horrible season so that's a fair rise imo Lots of average players have been called up to Italy squads recently to let the coaches have a look at them in training, in reality there are probably 15 or 20 defenders ahead of him for the national team
  6. I've made some predictions for Serie A here
  7. Juventus Benatia 91/92 Lichtsteiner 90/91 Howedes 90 Marchisio 92/91 Pjanic 94/93 Bentancur 87/88 Dybala 93/94 Napoli Hysaj 91 Albiol 90/89 Mario Rui 88 Chiriches 89/88 Jorginho 92 Allan 91 Callejon 91/92 Roma Alisson 91 Fazio 90/91 Gonalons 89/90 Pellegrini 89/88 Gerson 86/87 Under 88/87 Defrel 88/87 Schick 87 Dzeko 93/92 Lazio Strakosha 89 Marchetti 86 de Vrij 91 Luiz Felipe 83/84 Basta 87 Marusic 88 Lucas 90
  8. I don't know where you've got this from, Rugani is still very much the future of Juve's defence and has impressed whenever he's played. Caldara is coming in as a future partner for him not as a replacement
  9. Rugani's +1 is really surprising, he's clearly going to be a brilliant player but struggles for minutes considering the four other CBs at Juve On an individual level Khedira hasn't had as impressive a season as the other two though, so I can understand him missing out. I still would have thought a rise for him was more likely than either Buffon or Bonucci
  10. +2 for Zielinski lol I wasn't even sure if he'd get +1
  11. For those with two numbers the first is more likely imo but it's hard to tell with SM these days Juventus Buffon 94/95 Lichtsteiner 91/90 Bonucci 94/95 Alex Sandro 92 Asamoah 90/89 Khedira 92/93 Cuadrado 92/91 Mandzukic 92/93 Higuain 95 Dybala 92 The 50/50 ratings really depend on how the CL goes Roma Szczesny 91/90 Emerson 88 Fazio 89 Rudiger 90/89 Vermaelen 88 Nainggolan 93 Strootman 91 Dzeko 92 Salah 92 Napoli Hysaj 90 Albiol 90/89 Strinic 8
  12. Other than Papu Gomez, Conti has been Atalanta's best player this season, I still can't believe he didn't rise last time around Him, Caldara and Kessie should all go to 87 with Petagna and Spinazzola to 86 Chiesa had a +5 on 31 March so I wouldn't be surprised if he only gets +1 Locatelli is overhyped imo even a +2 is a bit much, Jankto and Torreira have been much more impressive this season
  13. I think he'll get +1 since he's first choice rb for the national team
  14. Unless 20m is enough to get you a solid 90/91 or promising youth I wouldn't accept any of those offers
  15. Position change for Andrea Conti this morning but still no rating change. Should have got +3 a month ago, now it looks like nothing until the end of the season
  16. Bonaventura is a funny one, for each of his last three rises I haven't expected it but I can't really say they are undeserved either +2 is maybe a bit much for Lemina and Paredes Bernardeschi probably deserved +1 since he has seven goals this season but his performances have been very hit and miss from what I've seen so no rise isn't that bad a decision Felipe Anderson getting DR added is stupid he should have just MR like Tello and Bernardeschi They seem to have misses Andrea Conti altogether but I guess he'll get a +3 in the next few days
  17. Has been very poor this season, maybe could have got +1 though +2 for Bernardeschi tomorrow going by that. Milic is terrible, he didn't deserve anything more In fairness to Belotti it's two half seasons of this form, he only had one goal before christmas last year.
  18. They were all before the move, he hasn't made an appearance for Napoli yet. Surprised that Donnarumma didn't rise with all the hype but +10 for the season is fine for him imo
  19. Juventus Asamoah -1 -> 90 Rugani +1 -> 88 Barzagli +1 -> 92 - deserves it but his age will probably count against him Alex Sandro stay/+1 -> 90/91 Lemina +1/stay -> 87/86 Morata stay/+1 -> 90/91 Hernanes -1 -> 90 Dybala +2 -> 91 Napoli Rafael -2/-1 -> 86/87 Hysaj +2 -> 89 Maggio -1 -> 87 Koulibaly +1 -> 89 Allan +1 -> 90 Jorginho +1/stay -> 90/89 Valdifiori stay/-1 -> 88/87 Insigne +1 -> 91 Roma De Sanctis -1 -> 89 Rudiger +1 -> 89 Castan -1 -> 89 Torosidis -1/stay -> 87/88 De Rossi -1 ->
  20. Alberto Grassi (Atalanta) - 77 -> 82/83 Jakub Jankto (on loan at Ascoli) - 73 -> 77 Franck Kessie (on loan at Cesena) - 74 -> 80
  21. As far as I can see it's only the formations with 3 at the back that require the wide midfielders to have one of DM(RL) or M(RL), an AM(RL) can still be picked there in the formations with 4 at the back. This change makes perfect sense to me and along with D(RL) not being able to play in a back 3 it's something that should have been brought in a long time ago.
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