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  1. There have been some very generous 90's handed out Lulic and Radu have been alright this season but I don't think they deserved to rise If any of Fiorentina's players needed a +1 it was Gonzalo but to rise Savic instead is complete madness. If Icardi, Felipe Anderson and Pereyra had all been given a +1 instead I don't think anyone would have complained. The last few Serie A ratings have been quite conservative but this time around it's been the complete opposite
  2. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions Anyone agree with these predictions, I hope they're not too optimistic Buffon - 94 - Stay Cragno - 84 - Stay Sportiello - 83 - +2 Gonzalo Rodriguez - 89 - +1 De Silvestri - 88 - Stay/+1 Ghoulam - 88 - Stay/+1 Munoz - 88 - Stay Basanta - 88 - Stay Padoin - 87 - Stay/+1 Zappacosta - 85 - +1 Rugani - 85 - +2 Hysaj - 85 - +1 Krajnc - 82 - +2 Goldaniga - 80 - +2 Nainggolan - 91 - Stay Parolo - 89 - +1 Allan - 88 - Stay/+1 Jorginho - 88 - Stay Pereyra - 88 - +1 Bonaventura - 88 - Stay Bertolacci - 87 - +1 Baselli - 85 - Stay Ucan - 85 - Stay Br
  3. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions Pereyra and Padoin will get +1 as well Chiellini and Pirlo deserve -1 but they'll probably keep their ratings now
  4. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions Even if he was 10 years younger I don't think he's done enough for another rise
  5. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions I agree with most of this but I'll add a few thoughts of my own Mauricio - Horrible player who only gets playing because the alternatives are even worse, he'll probably get a +1 for his appearances but Lazio's good form is despite him and they'll definitely need someone better if they make the CL Panagiotis Tachtsidis - Other than Toni he's Verona's best player and I like him a lot but I don't think he'll get a +1 Nicola Sansone - I thought he'd get a +1 in the last ratings and he's at least as good as Zaza so I'd be very surprised if he misses out again
  6. Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion Will Verhaegh and Baier from Augsburg get +1?
  7. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions With Mario Rui's +2 this morning I assume Rugani, Tonelli and Hysaj will all get +2 as well
  8. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions Absolutely no chance You must have watched him in one of his few good matches because he's closer to being one of their worst players this season from what I've seen.
  9. Re: Official Serie A Thread Zappacosta and Vazquez have been very good as well
  10. Re: SUPERNAG - NDF's Criminally Underrated SoccerManager Players It's the Austrian second division so +2/3 at the most I'd imagine
  11. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions Davide Zappacosta as well
  12. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions I can't say I've seen him play so I'm not sure if he's actually any good but with Raiola as an agent it's very likely that he'll move in the summer' date=' Raiola recently had Ely in a list of players that Juve needed to buy to challenge in the Champion's League but I'd take that with a very big pinch of salt Morata seems to have taken Llorente's spot alongside Tevez and if he can stay in the first team then he definitely has a chance at a +1, Gabbiadini has been great since his move and I have no idea why Benitez doesn't start him more often, he has sho
  13. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions SM handing rises out like confetti this morning lol
  14. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions No, he's had a few good games but not enough for 92 I agree with what Machines has said, I'd also add Karnezis (+1) and Bonazzoli (+2/3) as two more players who deserved a rise
  15. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions The ratings have been a joke for a while now but the fact that they have started to completely ignore players now is very annoying. I'll wait and see how the other big leagues get reviewed and if it's just a case of SM getting more strict with ratings then that's probably a good thing, if not then I'll be gone from SM when my gold management is up.
  16. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions Am I being too optimistic expecting these rises? Edenilson +1/2 Nainggolan +1 Pereyra stay/+1 Gabbiadini +1 Berardi +1 Bruno Fernandes +1/2 Keita Balde stay/+1 Nainggolan, Gabbiadini and Berardi should be definite risers I hope
  17. Re: SM Worlds Suggested Improvements Discussion I think that having a strong enough team that you can call 89/90/91 rated players prospects is not something that can be said for a lot of managers.
  18. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions I know that Obiang wasn't really comparable in terms of the actual performances of the teams and probably him as a player but he was the first player that I could think of to have gone a similar length of time without being reviewed Even if you just judge Benali on the minutes he has played then surely he deserves +5 at least. He's played 2681 mins last season and 1227 mins so far this one without rising.
  19. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions Benali has been first choice for 18 months and hasn't risen so a +5 really is the least he should get, there have been plenty of players who have got +7 just from game time in the Serie B but with the way ratings are now that might be optimistic Pedro Obiang managed +11 in Dec 2012 but that did include 6 months in the Serie A. Mandragora hasn't played since he was added so he shouldn't rise
  20. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Musacchio, Badstuber, Matip, Jantschke Umtiti Papadopoulos, Wollscheid, Andre Hoffman Badstuber is only that high because of his current rating but even allowing for injuries a drop is long overdue
  21. Re: Has Soccer Manager become too big for its own good? The single player game seems to just be a re-skinned version of FM without any of the depth. Concentrating on that to the detriment of multiplayer has a better chance of killing off SM rather than improving it.
  22. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions He has actually been quite good so far, I think a rise to 89 is possible for him bu it's more likely to happen at the end of the season
  23. Re: Andrej Kramaric<---New Davor Suker Statements like this just make you look stupid I take it you haven't watched Roma or Napoli recently
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