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  1. getting falcao for cavani? worth trading?
  2. Re: benzema for ozil i have tevez suarez nasri as i use as my front 3 midfield is xavi iniesta alonso
  3. i have been offered benzema for ozil, should i do the deal?
  4. Re: Jordi alba but why? callejon will certainly rise with rm though i was thinking boateng or xhaka
  5. who should i trade to get jordi alba, hes in an external team. FIRST TEAM NEUER, Manuel HART, Joe RICHARDS, Micah ABATE, Ignazio BADSTUBER, Holger BOATENG, Jérôme VIDAL, Arturo CLEVERLEY, Tom KROOS, Toni VAZQUEZ, Franco DI MARIA, Ángel MATA, Juan SANCHEZ, Alexis CALLEJÓN, José CAVANI, Édinson LLORENTE, Fernando GIROUD, Olivier YOUTH TEAM MONTOYA, Martín ZOUMA, Kurt VARANE, Raphaël JONES, Phil M'VILA, Yann ROMEU, Oriol VERRATTI, Marco RAFINHA, Alcántara XHAKA, Granit KOVACIC, Mateo SHAQIRI, Xherdan EL SHAARAWY, Stephan CUENCA, Isaac TELLO, Cristian MIYAICHI, Ryo WELBECK, Danny DYBALA, Paulo BORINI, Fabio GUIDETTI, John ROGGIA, Lucas PROSENIK, Philipp
  6. Is sm done with the review of serie a leagues?
  7. Re: who should i sell? i play 3-5-2 with neuer badstuber richards and boateng, vidal mata di maria kroos and m'vila and cavani and llorente. i sold of mario fernandes, and prob sell callejon after the ratings, i submitted a bid of 16.1 mil at chairman's value but i am afraid another manager will come in with a higher bid :S
  8. i want to raise funds for alexis sanchez and i need opinions on who to sell! NEUER, Manuel Gk 25 93 HART, Joe Gk 24 91 RICHARDS, Micah RB/CB 23 90 ABATE, Ignazio RB/RM 25 90 BADSTUBER, Holger CB/LB 23 91 BOATENG, Jérôme Def 23 90 VIDAL, Arturo CM/Def 24 91 CLEVERLEY, Tom CM/AM 22 86 KROOS, Toni AM/CM 22 90 VAZQUEZ, Franco AM/Wing 23 78 DI MARIA, Ángel Wing/AM 24 93 MATA, Juan Wing/AM 23 92 CALLEJÓN, José Fwd/Wing 25 88 CAVANI, Édinson Fwd LLORENTE, Fernando CF GIROUD, Olivier CF AND MY YOUTH TEAM IS FERNANDES, Mário RB/CB 21 86 MONTOYA, Martín RB 20 85 ZOUMA, Kurt CB/RB 17 78 VARANE, Raphaël CB/DM 18 86 JONES, Phil Def/DM 20 89 M'VILA, Yann DM/CM 21 90 ROMEU, Oriol DM/CM 20 86 RAFINHA, Alcántara CM/AM 19 80 VERRATTI, Marco CM/AM 19 76 XHAKA, Granit CM 19 86 KOVACIC, Mateo AM/CM 17 75 EL SHAARAWY, Stephan AM/Wing 19 84 SHAQIRI, Xherdan Wing/LB 20 89 MIYAICHI, Ryo Wing/Fwd 19 80 WELBECK, Danny Fwd/Wing 21 88 CUENCA, Isaac Fwd/Wing 20 84 TELLO, Cristian Fwd/Wing 20 82 DYBALA, Paulo Fwd/Wing 18 76 BORINI, Fabio Fwd 21 83 GUIDETTI, John Fwd 19 81 ROGGIA, Lucas CF 21 75 PROSENIK, Philipp CF 19 72
  9. Re: badstuber noo i got badstuber i traded those two players off
  10. do u think its worth buying him? i can trade other players for him as part of the deal as hes in an external club
  11. i traded badstuber for david luiz and lucas biglia and 3.9 mil, good deal?
  12. Re: Help please to counter 3-4-3 what are the tactics that u use? hmm sm might have changed the match engine considering i used to beat him with 3-5-2 but i lost to him now...
  13. Re: Help please to counter 3-4-3 His midfield four has arrows facing forward!
  14. HI GUYZ im in my last match of the season and i need to win this match if not i will become second, i am playing against manchester united who uses 3-4-3 with arrows all forward on his midfielders and uses counter attack, target man and playmaker, the rest are normal. HOW DO U GUYZ PROPOSE I BEAT THIS GUY, his team rating is higher than mine, thanks in advance guys:)
  15. Re: i'm looking for LB, I need advice shaqiri esp since hes a wing/lb and he is certainly due for a rise when the swiss league gets a review and most likely will move to a big club in the future
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