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  1. Re: Paul Robinson! england are definately a good team, just went through a bad faze
  2. Re: Birmingham City player changes. kapo needs an increase
  4. rawzy


    Re: HUNTELAAR, Klaas-Jan huntelaar will go up this time around definately...
  5. Re: Pablo Ibanez - under-rated? he was a 93, but went down cos he wasnt getting games for a.madrid, but maybe he could go back up now hes playing...
  6. Re: Real Madrid Ratings Mahamadou Diarra should go to a 94, i think hes similia to essien, and isnt far behind him, i think 94 for diarra and 96 for essien...
  7. Re: Arsenal Rating Changes sagna up to 91.... played a big part of arsenal being top of the league, hes a regular start and looks to strong at the back for just a 90.... 91 for me..
  8. Re: Arsenal Rating Changes its because hes an arsenal fan
  9. Re: PSV Eindhoven there winning again tonight, farfan scored again... 1-0
  10. Re: PSV Eindhoven i think farfan is top class, i think if anyone will put them through to the knockout stages its him...
  11. Re: Tresor Mputu- "Next Etoo" dissagree he deserves higher to me
  12. Re: Robinho yep, surely he deserves a 94 man
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