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  1. Re: Plaese, How Can I Counter This Dreadful 3-5-2 defensive. Thanks to you guys, I have it in mind to go for 4-5-1 defensive before, now that you guys have given me a go ahead with the formation, but one thing that provoke me is that i need a good in game instruction that will give chance to have a good and high ball possesion, obviously a team with high ball possession have a chance of wining the match, all am saying is that i need something like passing style metality passing style tempo playing style etc. i will be very greatful if someone can give me all things i mention above. Thanks p.s: i all need is complete WINNING.
  2. Good day to you everyone, Please i want you to help me out in order to counter this 3-5-2 defensive, this formation is very dreadful, i have use a lots of formations against it and got demolished, formation like 4-2-2-2, 4-4-3 winger, 4-4-2, 3-5-2 attacking, 4-4-2 diamond all to no avail. Again, next week Saturday am having a game against the team that is using this formation. All i want now is that you should give me the most appropriate formation setting, the one you use which gives yo winning, that i can use to win against the team ( that is all i need because am at the relegation zone and i need winning to move out of the zone in the last match). Please, i don't need guess work,give advise with proof, Thanks.
  3. Hi Managers, I want you to help me out on how i can counter my opposition who is using 4-4-2 ordinary, when i met him in the league table i used 4-1-2-3 and i lost to him 2-0, it is this opposition again am having in SMFA semi final and i want to win the cup, is there any formation setting i can us to win him. i want you to give me the one that work best. Thanks.
  4. i wan to use this moment to ask you how can i use 3-5-2 as to have best results, because i discovered on this forum that the best formation that work most of the time is 3-5-2 but i don't know how to go about it, if you use the formation and it works for you, just tell some of the thing i need to include in my formation setting that is Tackling Style Mentality Passing Style Attacking Style Tempo Pressing Counter-Attack Tight Marking Use Playmaker Use Target Man etc If you have use this formation to win any league together with the things i listed above, i will be very appreciative if you can it to me, becasue i have it in mind to win the league in which i am managing a club there, Thanks
  5. Hi fellow, i need your help, it happen that my club which i am managing is at relegation zone and i have series of away matches with the top team in my league, i want you to tell me the best tactic to use so as to win away games with the big teams. Thanks
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