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  1. Re: Matt Lecointe Can't be bothered... just buy only 10k.
  2. Re: Which striker shall i sell? depends if you can get a deal out of anyone.
  3. Re: 40mil plus Luuk de Jong for Pique? 1 post.. sounds like CSB lol.
  4. Re: Football Manager 2012 Arsenal has money!!!!!! C'mon spend in Jan f*s.. it is getting from bad to worse. Why does a top club has a CEO who says it is ok not to play in European competition, does he really think the stadium will be obediently filled to 60k when it loses best players, best style, best hopes? Gooners ready to protest in December!
  5. I wonder if there is such a trial where interested users can take a closer look at SM world. For example, I would like to know what options and how creating a world is like. Surely it can't be explained in a few sentences or paragraphs right? Unless the guide really mentioned everything. Perhaps an offline mode for the trial. If it is good, then players can subscribe membership and create an active online league. Don't suggest to me about the refund policy lol. Is it possible for a custom league to create a completely new teams/clubs (i.e. start the game with no players and everybody gets
  6. Re: !Revival of the SMEL! This is a nice idea, it is like playing FM using self-created teams with the editor + draft system. I didn't know custom games have the ability to create completely new squads, which I deduce from the explanations. That is a very interesting function. I thought only rules, leagues and clubs can be selected. How do users form their initial squads? Maybe somebody can suggest SM to allow people to create own squads + clubs too, it need not be too complex like in FM, perhaps something like certain fantasy soccer games. Footytube has a fantasy game like that. Next, us
  7. Re: Many changes to the game comming up I hope the new engine shows more consistency. There's always a variable in soccer, but right now it seems way too random and volatile (other than Barcelona's results). Sometimes you get good runs and out of a sudden you start a losing streak while playing on similar tactics, counter tactics and players. I would also say the player ratings need more individuality, rather than the overall team-based ratings . Hope the new engine is quality, and doesn't look rushed and sort of an appeasement. I believe we can wait slightly longer for something good.
  8. Re: Not Match Fit (NMF) I hope to see more rewards being paid out to people who bother to rotate their team. Maybe players will still perform at peak if it is above 80%, but anything lower than that should have some sort of negative impact and consequences, other than the superficial low % figure. The players ought to get a concern too for being too exhausted, <50% for a period of time excluding injuries.
  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I think Torres will stay. I'm starting to think that in SM 1-point rating is not much different. Lower rated players can perform better, slightly weaker teams can beat strong teams, all these are normal but it seems to happen a bit too frequent. That guy who is willing to let Aguero go is probably eyeing Wilshere anyway, dropping him is 99% a deal dropper.
  10. Re: Ricky van wolfswinkel I think he needs to join a bigger club first, otherwise 89 is probably how much he can go, but he just joined a new club few months ago. Everybody knows dutch league is free scoring, portugal league is not highly rated too.
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