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  1. Check out some articles I posted about recent news from around the football world. (: Leave a comment, follow, and click on some ads! ;D Much thanks.. Also, will keep this updates as I find more interesting articles, so check back frequently! (Just click skip ad when you press on the link) Pogba to Stay After All: AdF.ly - shrink your URLs and get paid! United Are Back On Top: AdF.ly - shrink your URLs and get paid! Manchester United vs. West Brom: AdF.ly - shrink your URLs and get paid! Manchester United Signatures: AdF.ly - shrink your URLs and get paid! Worst Miss of All Time:
  2. Re: Empty League Looking For Players Unless it's different then when I first looked for a club, it was near impossible to find a club like Manchester United, City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, etc. Especially in a league that has all the Premier league clubs, and not just a bunch of random clubs thrown together. Might b different now tho. (;
  3. Re: Empty League Looking For Players Maybe not, but I notice u went over there. (; N with a few more steps u cudda had any team (excluding Man Utd) that u wanted. And anyways, shud only take 5 mins tops, so I don't c why they wudden't, specially how long it takes to find a good Premier League Club that is open and not in a locked league that doesn't accept new members in Soccer manager. (;
  4. Re: Empty League Looking For Players Anyone lookin 2 get a team?
  5. Hey guys, I have a game world that is completely empty (Except for Manchester United), and i'm looking for people to fill the empty spots. Here's what you gotta do: 1) Go to: http://unitedfanatic.blogspot.com/ 2) Make an account and hit follow. 3) Reply to any of the posts (has to be relative to the article, and be insightful). At the end of every post, write: - (your username on this site). The more you reply to, the better choice of team you will get. 4) Then come onto this forum, post your name (the one you put down on your post) along with how many topics you posted on (more topics w
  6. Re: financial control and request and club development I would love to see this added, would give you some more to do while waiting for games. (; Youth Team wud b fun too, so you can have your main team, and if you choose to participate, you can make a youth team and play youth leagues.
  7. Hey guys, looking for some active managers that actually know how to use the Transfer Market feature. So, if your a cool manager that enjoys doing some fun trades and having some friendly competition through out the season, check out: Game World 8042 And send me a message here if you decide to join and we can discuss some trades!
  8. So I read the benefits of bein a gold manager, and really, it doesn't seem that great. I leik how you can manage 10 clubs, but at the end of the month, if you can't pay more money, all your progress in 8 of those clubs are gone... Can anyone explain to me any really good reason 2 become gold? Leik is your win chance higher? Or what? Thanks in advance. (;
  9. Re: Mario gomez?!!!!! 0_0 Defiantly shocked me not to see him go up, I was certain he would, he's been in such great form as of late! I really hope they up him a bit.
  10. Re: Tactics Help Won the 1st one 3-2, was a friendly tho. :\ The next game was a legit match n I lost it. ><
  11. Re: Tactics Help 1st game, 1st win with new tactics. Thx. (;
  12. Re: Tactics Help Thx m8 I will.
  13. Re: Tactics Help Ye, I swap them up occasionally, but I mean leik on the Pre-Match instructions page, how should I play? Leik should I use target man, play maker, tackling mentality, team mentality, etc.
  14. Re: Tactics Help Thanks, and shud I change anythin for Player and Team tactics? (Ex. Team Mentality).
  15. Re: Tactics Help I find my team not scoring..
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