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    Re: Arsenal changes
    LEHMANN, Jens [G] 91 -2 (89) Started:4 Sub:0 Saves:24
    -very poor GK this season, totaly lost his space as 1st GK of Arsenal
    ALMUNIA, Manuel [G] 89 +2 (91) Started:23 Sub:0 Saves:83
    -amazing this season, one of best GK's in Premier League
    CLICHY, Gael [LB] 91 +1 (92) Started:27 Sub:0
    -pleyed very regular and good he will raise for sure
    SAGNA, Bakari [RB/CB] 91 +1 (92) Started:25 Sub:0
    -when he came to Ars he was average player but this season played amazing, sure raise
    TOURE, Kolo [CB/RB] 94 +1 (95) Started:21 Sub:0
    -Arsenals best defender, played well this season, batter than most higher rated players
    SENDEROS, Philippe [CB] 88 +1 (89) Started:10 Sub:1
    -play well when needed, will play regulary now that Toure is injured, showed his class in match against Milan
    HLEB, Aleksandr [RM/AM] 92 +1 (93) Started:22 Sub:1
    -fantastic mid, every team would loved to have a player of his class
    EBOUE, Emmanuel [RM/RB] 89 +1 (90) Started:13 Sub:2
    -he plays well on right wing, showed his best side in match against Milan last weak
    GILBERTO SILVA, Aparecido da [CM/DM] 92 -2 (90) Started:6 Sub:9
    -just like Lehmann he doesnt play much this season, maybe -2 is a bit harsh but he will fall for sure
    FLAMINI, Mathieu [CM/DM] 90 +2-3 (92-93) Started:24 Sub:0
    -if there wasnt a wizard in Ars mid like Fabregas i would say best mid in premier league this season, plays totaly amazing, after Zidane ended carrier best Franc mid
    ADEBAYOR, Emmanuel [CF] 91 +2-3 (93-94) Started:24 Sub:1 Goals:19
    -only 2 goals les than Ronaldo (98), 4 goals more than Torres (94) and 8 goals more than Tevez (94) and 11 goals more than Rooney (96) makes him the most under ratted striker in Premier league, deserves a big raise
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