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  1. I am gutted, been playing a game world for 5 years, have built up a great young squad, sadly all other managers have dropped out, and they are now going to close it unless another 4 managers join it, what a waste of time id is 54680, if anyone fancies joining me
  2. just got the same message in one of mine . English championship 7223. Have spent 5 years building my squad, not impressed​
  3. Re: Squad Sizes I have a massive squad off young players but I have a few rules that I play by myself. Firstly my average age of my first team is 22. I sell all players as soon as they reach 25 or sooner..I love trawling the forums etc and trying to find the future. If they put on a squad cap I would be forced to go for the same players as everybody else, rather than gambling on dirt cheap players making it. There will always be managers wanting the Man utds etc and the superstars that come with them. My two teams are Bradford and Sheffield utd that over the years I have built up and now both sides are pretty world class, and as I said my Main team Sheffield has nobody over 25....So what I am really tryin to say is it depends how u want to play the game.. If the rules needed to be changed then how about putting a cap on superstars. Say no more than 15, 90 plus players in your squad. That would let us develop our youngsters and sell them on once they reached maturity
  4. Re: GUSTAVO, Luiz He is in my second string , but he is now 25 and I never keep players over 25. So he going sooner rather than later anyway. But was hoping for a wee rise before he goes lol
  5. help, could do with the cash, should I sell or is he likely to rise soon
  6. Re: Kroos or Marin¿¿ Kroos without a doubt
  7. Re: Stefan Savic While we talkin any thoughts on Dries Mertens, sell or keep. I dont keep players over 25 and hes that now, will he rise this season
  8. Now that Savic has left Man City, should I sell or keep, he does not play for my side and I have already made a nice profit on him... Will he rise in Italy
  9. Re: falcao or Giroud. That was easy, i shall keep him. cheers
  10. Re: Thomas Muller for Mario Gotze????? Muller is going to be a great player but in my humble opinion there are two players who i would break the bank for, gotze and hazard, they are the future. Off course Messi but he cant rise any more, can he ??
  11. Re: Joel Obi...Time to sell? Keep him, he a bit to go yet me thinks
  12. Re: trimming youth team Would u not keep Kone ?
  13. Hi I have Falcao as my fourth choice striker, been reading a bit about Giroud, he is at an external so I could swap Falcao for him, ?? what does everyone think..
  14. Re: Put your money where your mouth is ;-) Would love to give this a go, please count me in,
  15. Re: Would you join this game world count me in for the moment
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