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  1. Re: Good evening! I'm fairly new myself, but my advice would be to pick & sign the best players. Not just the 1's you like the look of!
  2. Hello! I'm the manager of Aston Villa in WC 1037. I took over just before the 1st fixtures of the new season. Villa's 2 current England squad members, Gareth Barry & Ashley Young, had been snapped up before I took charge. I've bought in 4 overseas stars to improve the team & strength in depth of the squad, and after beating Bordeaux in the 1st match 2-0 I'm hopeful bigger & better things are to come. Anyone else a 1037 manager? Want to make any boasts? Make predictions? Spread rumours?
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    Re: Hello! Well I'm very new to the games aswell as this forum, I'm an Aston Villa fan & have taken on a Villa side in World Championship 1037. A league seemingly in it's 1st season. In my 1st game & the 1st game of the season Bordeaux were beaten 2-0 at Villa Park with goals from Reo-Coker & Petrov! Gareth Barry & Ashley Young had already been sold, but I've bought in Etxeberria, 2 Brazilians & a defender by the name of Fernando Salazar! I'm guessing from the Maradona quote that you're possibly not English? What of your teams, both real & here?
  4. Re: Who do u thinks gonna win 2007/2008 Arsenal. Positive point - Wenger is creating an impressive team from a bunch of raw youngsters. Negative point - Wenger doesn't give a flip about English representation in Englands top teams. Suprised to see Chelsea weren't even an option though! Including Manchester City, particularly with the benefit of hindsight following the 6-0 embarrasment at Stamford Bridge, was possibly getting a bit carried away with an ok team playing above themselves a little....? Villa have to push for Europe this season, with the speedy & youthful Agbonlahor, Young
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    Hello! I'm new, and pleasantly suprised to find you can play these type of manager games on line... against you lot! More challenging than A.I!
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