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  1. Re: Rui Patricio, Muslera, Romero, Asenjo For me it would be between Patricio and Asenjo, so you've not gone wrong with your bid. To be honest though, all of them are good back-up keepers.
  2. Re: -||Eredivisie Ratings-By Kun,BRNL and Jor||- Picking up plenty of talents from this thread - thanks!
  3. Re: Fires Of Hatred!.. Poland VS Germany/No Cap/Cash Only/Titles Do The Talking.. 16/ T. Kaminski (83) M. Montoya (85) | P. Maicon (88) | D. Fabio (86) N. Mendy (84) V. Moses (84) | I. Camachio (85) | M. Wakaso (85) | A. Schurrle (89) M. Maicon (85) | M. Sulejmani (88) I'm pretty pleased with my starting eleven. Still need some more depth, but there are more players going out and now still some more on the transfer list who'll leave soon. Just brought in Maicon (88), Sulejmani and Schurrle - was pretty surprised to get them all for CV.
  4. Re: World Championship 11111 Discussion thread Take a look at my AZ squad mate and let me know if you'd be interested in anyone.
  5. Re: Bale or Vucinic? Why does Bale deserve a +1? Tottenham aren't doing anything special so far and he's an inconsistent player. The only thing that should happen to Bale in the upcoming ratings is a position change to LM. Vucinic has a decent rating which he'll keep. He is playing at Juventus who're performing well and should be back into the Champions League next season. To be honest though, it depends on which position you need more..
  6. Re: Tomas Necid? I don't know enough about Necid to provide a decent opinion, but I can suggest other players.. Danny Welbeck (87) Antoine Griezmann (88) Salomon Rondon (87) Marques Maicon (85) Daniel Sturridge (87) Romelu Lukaku (88) Pablo Osvaldo (88) Leandro Damiao (87) Pinheiro Kleber (84) Jordan Ayew (85) Miralem Sulejmani (88) Abel Hernandez (86) Players in bold I'd strongly recommend. I know some of these are lower than you requested, but they're all good investments. If you want some 78+ very young strikers as well I've got a few for you.
  7. Re: World Championship 11111 Discussion thread AZ are looking to get some fresh players in the squad. Willing to accept bids for any players - preferably player exchanges.
  8. Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) Just been offered the Rio Ave job in the latest GC, 152. Not a great club but if you don't mind some work then it's worth it, especially considering it's the latest GC. Only played one game and lots of 80+ players.
  9. Re: Fires Of Hatred!.. Poland VS Germany/No Cap/Cash Only/Titles Do The Talking.. 16/ And there go all the Belchatow players I don't want. Should bring me some more money to get a few risers as well.
  10. Re: Foreign Love! Forum GW: Non-European Teams ~ 5/20 :/ Help me get more players then!
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... It completely depends on which position you need more' date=' and whether either of them would start. At the end of the season I think they'll both be on 91, provided PSG keep up their form and Balotelli maintains his.[/color']
  12. Re: Foreign Love! Forum GW: Non-European Teams ~ 5/20 No worries mate' date=' I know people. Probably get it open once we have 10 players. Unfortunately, KopStar's dropped out.[/color']
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