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  1. aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! not happy !! i waited for months to buy a new club with me saved credits , i was waiting for transfer market to end and have my new shiny arsenal team. i bought it ealier i did not have enough credits so bought 2 quids worth , but no ozil in there . whats goin on !!
  2. got a few qs for the experts . 1) i have players with concerns , i sometime bring them on to play via subs bench on 60th or 75th minute will this help resolve there concerns or will only a start line up do this .? 2) i also sometimes substitute on the 60/75 minutes to save the players energy , does this work will taking them off earlier save energy ? 3) it the changing postion via in game change affect player ratings or has this been fixed , it used to affect players performance if you moved the from say right wing to left mid game , has this been solved yet ??
  3. Re: Horrific racist and paedophillia abuse in game world feed. bump this need sortin no need for this kind of abuse . hope it gets sorted quick mate !!
  4. Re: Should This Really Be Happening On SM? seems a fair result to me , their keeper was supurb on the day , there midfield all outrated yours on the day and their strikers almost all played a blinder . your keeper had a 6 so below average day midfield poor too strikers 7s . were they tired maybe ?? you say not come on much rotate a bit . there not a bad team either looking at players
  5. Re: wanted good 60+ min managers game world ID:66406 http://www.soccermanager.com/my-teams.php?action=cngclub&clubid=457458
  6. just an idea, id like to apolgise first about moaning about concerns its turned out not too bad ,and paying you players to keep quiet is a good idea if not very expensive . anyway im always looking though tables etc and i have to click on to find out managed teams and then again to find out trophies etc they have won . what about a symbol next to teams (and managers names) to show managed teams and make it coloured for if you have won a big trophy , be nice to show off your a smfa cup winner or up against one without mass searching . just a thought .
  7. Re: Conor Thomas - Star in the making what happened then i take it liverpool did not rate or he did not go to them on loan ? just debating if i should sell him and replace with a similar player from a bigger club or hang on to him and hope for future star.
  8. ID:66406 wanted good 60+ managers for above game world , lots of teams . must be capable . some good managers in there already if you think you good enough .
  9. sorry i dont want to start concerns complaint thread again . but its ruined the game for me , i paid 2 years gold prior to this but i no longer wish to be involved . please tell me how i claim my money back just 1 year of gold money back would do . this game is now rubbish
  10. Re: freak losses i hear what yours saying but there ratings were below mine so they did not outplay me . ah well im back on form again
  11. just as you think you have game weighed up you get a real unexpected loss. i played stoke im arsenal . most of their players are 87/88 max . my lowest was 89 the rest between 92 and 95 so we well out powered them. in the match my players game play ratings were higher than theirs by an average of 2 points ie mine scored 7/8s whilst they scored 5/6s one of my players won man of the match i had 10% better possession more shots and also even more corners . no subs made i had a squad i thought won win comfortably i dont mind losing if you can annalise where you went wrong or how to impro
  12. Re: Player Conditions not updating? ps the original poster makes a good point . say a 100% rated player (not one i know but ease of calcs) is 93% fit does this make his rating now 93. if so playing a 94 rated player would be a better option . ps i try not to play player below 90% they seem to get injured otherwise anyone else had this
  13. Re: Player Conditions not updating? while were on this subject of fitness say i play 11 starting players (obviously lol) and 3 of which are my main men i want to keep these as fresh as possible for next game so i usually set an in game instruction to replace these three main men when im winning at 75min by 2 goals. am i actually saving some of these players energy wise or am i just wasting my time . does the game engine compute this minor saving of energy .
  14. hi all i like all my players to have high morale i rotate when i can and at sart of season renew contracts etc . i started new season and all players 99% to 100% im sure . but when i just set my tactics they have all dropped my wholes sqad by an average of 10% down to 89/90%s. whats happened ??????????????????????????/:eek:
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