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  1. Any chance of rise? Matip +1 Cancelo +1 Kimpembe +1 Gundogan +1 Ndombele +1 Dalot +3 Thank youb
  2. Should I give my Bamba for Lukebakio+Elmas+Vital?
  3. Bamba or Mandragora+Lukebakio? What’s their potential?
  4. I’ve been offered Sabitzer+Laimer+Kownacki for Gundogan. It is a very competitive gw and my team is a long term squad...
  5. Why did you put a -1 for S.Savic in the first post? He’s now injured but he was a starter before and generally SM doesnt use to drop injured players...
  6. The final bid is: Kante+Rashford Laxalt+Harit+Dembele(lyon)+Kimpembe I’m looking to improve, my team is little and in a very competitive gw. So, what for the medium/long term?
  7. Looking at 1-2 times reviews: Kante+Rashford+S.Maximin for: Ndombele+Kimpembe+Dembele(lyon)+Harit Rashford+S.Maximin for: Dier+Bayley+Diop
  8. Would you give Rashford for Schick+Cristante+Caleta Car?
  9. Any chance for: Kante +1? Palmieri +1? Gundogan +1? Mahrez +1? Bruun Larsen to 85? Rashford +1? Orban +1? Bamba +2?
  10. Nothing for Tolisso? Maybe tomorrow?
  11. Volland still 89, it's a joke...he deserved to rise even in last reviews...
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