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  1. Hi there, i need to lighten my Att Mid by a couple of players need a bit of help choosing who. I have Oscar,Strootman,Thiago,Lavezzi,Lamela,Isco,El Shaaraway,Jovetic,Modric and Reus. I would like to lose two. so I'm thinking Lavezzi and either Stroot, Oscar or Thiago. Grateful for any opinions cheers.
  2. Re: Hey, look... found it and like it cheers
  3. Re: Hey, look... maybe I'm being stupid but how do i get to the player database section help please cheers
  4. hi there I'm in need of a cm the two best available are M'villa and hamsik i can only afford one. I know Hamsik is higher rated at mo but is he going to get any higher and not sure about M'villa, will he self destruct, who would you recommend, cheers for any help.
  5. Re: pato-what's his future Spotted that Dzeko was also avaliable got him instead half the price and i think a safe 92 don't think he will rise but pretty sure he won't drop. Thanks for all replies
  6. Pato has become available in one of my gameworlds,is it worth getting him. Iknow he has had major injury problems and i don't think he has played yet this season, so is he due for a drop and is he worth getting in the long term. Cheers for any answers
  7. Hi there i have Hulk ,as he has gone to Zenit not sure to keep him or not. I have enough wingers so will be looking for a striker. The only good one avaliable is Dzeko as i will have to swap with external clud as i'm skint. Should i go for Dzeko or keep hulk cheers for any answers
  8. Re: nigel de jong for Modric Got Modric playing first game tonight come on Levante!!
  9. hi there i have De Jong got a chance to swap him for Modric. As De Jong has gone to Milan and Modric to R Madrid not sure what to do, ithink De Jong ma y stay for a while but what about Modric will he just warm the bench. tempted to do deal but will be losing my best DM. Help please.
  10. l have lamela got a chance to swap him for Alba. This seems a no brainer to me, if not please tell me why?
  11. Re: quick answer please He is'nt external so it's cash. Might go for it
  12. Re: quick answer please I have abbiati in goal, with the extra 10 m Joe Hart is available' and i could get him hopefully
  13. I have yaya toure and have been offered hulk + 10m for him. my other cm/dm are KPB, Luis Gustavo,Thiago,Strootman and De Jong. My other wing/forwards are Kagawa,Lamela,Jovetic,Cuenca and Cavani. To be honest i don't know what to do. Help please.
  14. Re: falcao deal Keep Falcao, got him in my team a while ago and he is a top player on S.M.
  15. Re: young CBs Have a look at Dejan Lovren, Yanga Mbiwa, Backary Kone and Alex Dragovic, all young with good potential imo
  16. Re: young defensive mid need help... Short and sweet and spot on. Go for strootman. He is playing in Euro's and will stand out.
  17. Re: 25 Million to spend, Who to buy? I'd go for Alcantara Thiago, Kevin Strootman and Dejan Lovren. Strootman is in the dutch team at Euro's and is being linked with a move to English Prem, he has 93+ written all over him.
  18. Re: Kieran Gibbs not sure who wenger prefers gibbs or santos, but as santos is 29 i think, and gibbs is still young, he must be arsenal's and maybe England future at left back. Got to be worth a punt as he's only about 5mil
  19. hi there i need a winger these are available in my GM not sure who to go for. Kagawa, Vucinic, Valencia, Doumbia and Marko Marin. I am thinking maybe Kagawa as he's gone to United but want a few opions please. Also do you think it's worth hanging onto Lus Casnos. Cheers.
  20. Re: Looking for a Forward fabio borini and luc casnos both young and looking good to rise quite high
  21. Re: erik lamela,Lloris,joel matip lamela is a top talent 93+ in a year or two, i have him and he is a good performer he is my choice
  22. Re: Mobile App if your phone has internet just use that. I use opera mobile browser and it works really well no probs at all.
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