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  1. Re: thiago or wilshire just to let you know went for wilshire, got him for 14m good price i think cheers for the advice
  2. Re: thiago or wilshire well thats suprised me, thought it would be thiago, any more replies please
  3. got a chance to buy thiago or wilshire from a unmanaged club, i think thiago is my first choice, mainly because wilshire may be injury prone. i can only afford one of them advice welcomed cheers
  4. Re: Ashley Young Sell him mate he will be going to the olympics soon he is in the diving team
  5. Re: Centre backs to recommend. Please help. i recommend Dejan Lovren, Bakary kone and Alex Dragovic all have great potential
  6. Re: Santos Ramires Deffo keep him, he has been chelsea's best player this season and can only get better IMO
  7. Re: cavani for alaba done the deal, think cavani may go to a bigger club so will rise soon thanks for all replys:)
  8. Re: cavani for alaba just to confirm i have J alba my forwards are PAZZINI T NECID CASNOS BALOTELLI AUBAMEYANG AND REUS
  9. hi i have alba, been offered cavani in a swap should i do it alba is my best lb
  10. Re: Scott Parker or Esteban Granero ? Parker for me to, always plays well in my team,not sure if he will rise though
  11. Re: rafinha or abate ok cheers will go for abate, unless anyone can recommend a good rb for 8-10 mil
  12. Re: rafinha or abate ok cheers will go for abate, unless anyone can recommend another good rb for about 8-10 mil cheers
  13. hi looking for some advice,i need a good rb rafinha and abate both available, no real difference in price, not really sure who to get to be honest. thanks for any advice
  14. hi there got a chance to swap s parker + james mcclean for nigel de jong, i have yaya so my thinking is this would make a strong cm patnership. any comments welcome should i do it cheers
  15. hi there, is there any chance jovetic will rise in the new ratings. I think he is having a good season:)
  16. Re: Andre Ayew / Jordan Ayew thinking of buying jordan ayew will he rise to a decent level, thanks for any help.
  17. Re: center back i would go for lovren, in both my teams top player
  18. Re: trying to put together a great young team i have T Necid (CF) in both my teams,only 88 but he scores a lot and has loads of assists,quite cheap and worth a punt
  19. Re: podolski did'nt go for podolski waiting for my young forwards to improve, thanks for all replies
  20. hi zanetti is under 5 million in my league. I know he is 38 but at 92 is the price to good to be true,should i buy him cheers
  21. Re: podolski hi my other cf are lewandowski soldado and necid i also have doumbiaand e vargas, but the league is really competetive and all the big players are taken. So really just trying to strengthen my front line still unsure to be honest:confused:
  22. I want podolski the manager who has him says i can have him for luc de jong plus 10mill is this a good deal thanks for any replies
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