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  1. My Essien(93) for another's Piszczek(90), Tello(85) and 16M, is this a good deal? I don't really have much cover on my team as I just got to this game world, so if Essien leaves, Malouda would be the starter. Thank you in advance
  2. Re: Barcelona-Undeniable Greatness Barcelona Fall Before Rivals MOM: D. Villa (Real Madrid) FOM:Mascherano (Real Madrid) This season, the only team to be on Barcelona's level has been Real Madrid. In this game, they have proven that they can play evenly with their fierce rivals and may even surpass the side thought to be the best of modern times. In this match, 2 players welcomed the Barcelona team who were once their comrades. One excelled where the other fell. The match was one played in the middle of the field, with neither team having many shots to deal with. All shots, h
  3. Re: Barcelona-Undeniable Greatness League Match 10 Overview
  4. Re: Barcelona-Undeniable Greatness Barcelona To Approach "El Clasico" In Top Form MOM:Messi (Barcelona) FOM:Kallstrom (Lyon) A hard game where Barcelona were the obvious better side, but could not get past Hugo Lloris(Lyon). Barcelona had more than 3 times as many shots as Lyon as well as 3 times as many shots on target, but Lloris(Barcelona) was more than up to the challenge, only allowing a goal in the second minute from Busquets(Barca) due to a 1 on 1 that resulted in a beautiful chip over the oncoming Lloris(Lyon). Barcelona sent out some subs in the second half who played we
  5. Re: Barcelona-Undeniable Greatness League Match 9 Overview
  6. Re: French Ligue 1 & 2 (Risers Edition) Hello. I just want to say that I've looked through a few pages(past 7 or 8 or so) and I couldn't find my answers. It's very possible that I may have just missed them and so I apologize in advance if I did. Well my questions are -I know that Sakho was injured and that he probably wont rise this time around, but what do you think of his chances to rise this year as well as his chances with the France International team. I thought he would have been a at least a constant sub for them after their complete Revamp. -Now that we know that Thorgan Haz
  7. Re: Barcelona-Undeniable Greatness Barcelona Stay At The Top As Alexis Sanchez Causes Little Trouble MOM:Luis Suarez(Barcelona) FOM:Schennikov(CSKA Moskva) Confident for the League Leaders in a game where they were met with just a bit more resistance than was expected before the match. Barcelona made it 8 wins in 9 matches with this 3-0 win over the Alexis Sanchez(Moskva)-led Russians. CSKA did well in the first half, and combined with a slightly wasteful Barcelona, they held of almost the whole first half before Luis Suarez(Barcelona) was put through in the 44th and finished th
  8. Re: Barcelona-Undeniable Greatness League Match 8 Overview
  9. Re: Barcelona-Undeniable Greatness Abidal Given Warm Reception By Fans While Players Embarrass Old Teammate MOM:Ronaldo(Barcelona) FOM:Abidal(Borussia) Another great display by FC Barcelona. In this match, the subs of the Spanish side proved their ability and the fact that they would start on many other sides in the world. In the match, Barcelona started 4 players that would not usually start. 2 of these said players are 21 and below. Regardless they played an important part in the game. As subs, Barcelona brought on the obvious choice of Messi(Barca) as well as the lesser kn
  10. Re: Barcelona-Undeniable Greatness League Match 7 Overview
  11. Re: Barcelona-Undeniable Greatness Very Attacking Display Won By Barcelona MOM:Messi(Barcelona) FOM:Marchisio(Juventus) An amazing a purely attacking game in which a total of 11 goals were scored. This match was one where both teams tossed caution to the win and just focused on attacking their opposition. Barcelona proved largely dominant through out the match, giving an amazing offensive display but also a terrible defensive one. Although Barcelona didn't make any massive mistakes in the goals, they didn't defend as they should have and allowed Juventus the ability to have a g
  12. Re: Barcelona-Undeniable Greatness League Match 6 Overview
  13. Re: Barcelona-Undeniable Greatness Brave Barcelona Finally Lose MOM:Pato(AC Milan) FOM:Cassano(AC Milan) I disheartening loss to Italian Giants AC Milan for the League Leaders. Barcelona had 41 shots in total through out the game, sporting a new starting line up due to the injuries. Out of the 41 shots, 24 were on target which required saves from Milan's Weidenfeller(Milan) who approached the shots with the up most confidence. Milan were much more clinical in their shots than Barcelona, having 9 shots on target and having goals on three occasions. The first goal came from Sidn
  14. Re: Barcelona-Undeniable Greatness League Match 5 Overview
  15. Re: Barcelona-Undeniable Greatness Messi Shows Up To Ease Worries About New Injuries MOM:Pique(Barcelona) FOM: Otamendi(FC Porto) Another tough win for Barcelona, in a match where they were expected to be the much better squad. This, however, can be attributed to the lose of two of their starting players. The Barcelona team were forced to play with only 9 players through most of the match, and were allowed the three points by the heroics of the rest of the team who played well enough to ignore the two man difference. Porto had a decent amount of chances in the game, having 20 s
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