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  1. Im after a young striker, that's gonna keep rising? any ideas? pref below 10m
  2. Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion who are the must have youngsters from the bundesliga? I know about Meyer, Arnold, Brandt. Any more that will keep on rising and have chances for 90+? thanks
  3. Re: Young GK riser only recently rised tho. anyone eles who is cheap and due to rise soon?
  4. Anyone know of any young GK that are due a rise for my youth team?
  5. Im looking for a yound GK for my youth team. pref not too expensive that should be due a rise. Any ideas?
  6. Re: Young GK riser thanks but he is taken. Anyone know anymore? its for my youth team so not bothered about their current rating just as long as their young n due a rise. thanks
  7. Can anyone recommend a young GK that should rise in there near future. Cheers
  8. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread Anyone know of any young defenders that should rise in the next review? cheers
  9. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2012/2013 can someone please give me some advice on who the best young defenders are in the Bundesliga are. that should rise in the near future? I know of papa, ginter, jantschke but would appreciate some new names. who are the young defenders that are either in or close to the national squad? thanks
  10. Re: defenders due to rise Thanks for the list. Ive had most of those players in the past. Anyone know of any others? maybe lower than 83 that are due to rise? thanks
  11. iam low on defenders in my team. can any one recommend any defenders that are due to rise? any rating really but if a low rating need to be below 21. thanks
  12. Re: Big leagues high rating risers Cheers mate. I forgot Osvaldo n schmelzer i meant to add them to the list. Glad u comented on Benatia coz he is the one player from the list i really wanted an opinion on.
  13. Thort id put together a list of the risers 90+. Please give me your opinions n add to my list if ive missed any. Definate rise:- Kompany 93-94 Hummels 92-93 Falcao 92-93 Hart 92-93 Vidal 91-92 Barzagli 90-91 Luiz 90-91 Piszczek 90-91 Kroos 90-91 Alba 90-91/92 Reus 90-91 Kagawa 90-91 Lewandowski 90-91 Wellbeck 89-90 Shaquiri 89-90 Bonucci 89-90 Blaszczykowski 89-90 Mandzukic 89-90 Giovinco 89-90 Chance of rising:- Van Persie 94-95 Marcelo 93-94 Gomez 93-94 Khedira 92-93 valencia 92-93 Subotic 91-92 cazorla 91-92 marchisio 91-92 Baines 90-91 De Gea 90-91 Godin 90-
  14. what are the chances he will rise? thanks
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