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  1. Re: 87+

    great job brunopinto on the cup draw...looks great!

    willem II have beaten wrexham 4-3 in the charity shield!!!..manu trigueros got sent off and i was surprised it didnt at least go to penalties

  2. Re: 87+

    I would like to be in brunopinto's cup comp!

    also, hof candidates for willem II:

    alen stevanovic....34 apps, 6 goals, 6 assists, avp 7.29

    torgeir borven...45 apps, 28 goals, 13 assists, avp 7.31

    manu trigueros...34 apps, 12 goals, 10 assists, avp 7.12

    cristian lobato....36 apps, 2 goals, 8 assists, avp 6.96

  3. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13

    Keep Koscielny mate' date=' he's rising to 92.

    Mertesacky - dropping to 90, too slow, too poor on the ball, no confidence. Very poor CB, one of the worst CB's ever to play for his national side.

    Vermaelen - lol. This guy could drop to 89, let alone 90. He's barely getting game time, costing Arsenal points and matches, and as inconsistent as Skrtel!!

    Very poor CB, decent going forward though.B)

    ^^ Agree with this guy. Vermaelen is the poor mans Vertonghen. A living shadow of Alterweireld, let alone Vertonghen, Vermaelen is one of the worst Belgian CB's going.[/quote']

    how the hell will mertesacker drop?? been arsenal's most consistent defender and most clean sheets in epl by a defender....

    vermaelen and koscielny will swap ratings...

  4. Re: clearly something is wrong...

    SW may just be late in updating it. NONE of the players that have risen in the last couple of days have changed' date=' not just the **** rises

    mate learn to read...i said "i just noticed that all the player changes from the last two days haven't been updated on soccerwiki"

  5. i just noticed that all the player changes from the last two days haven't been updated on soccerwiki, which coincides with the unbelievable rises of higuain pepe and di maria....so obviously something is up, and hopefully it is some bug that they can fix!

    btw cech also rose, but that isn't actually bad, because he shouldn't have dropped in the first place..

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