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  1. Re: C'mon, match engine has a problem

    I am managing 87 overall rated team (Mohun Bagan Indian club) in a connect world

    Defeat Barcelona who has 94 avg rating with 6-1

    :D I thought I was a tactician B):P:rolleyes:

    even minnows beat barca and madrid once in while in the cups. it happens in real life. it happens with SM

    deal with it:p

  2. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions

    whats peoples opinions on marchisio? is he worth getting? havent seen much of juventus lately. have oscar and eriksen to play in his position already. could also get carzola. just wondering what people think. thanks.

    marchiso is pushed out of the juve first team by vidal and pogba.

    given how well the 2 are playing together, it's hard to see him regaining his first team place unless either gets injured or something.

    i would try to trade him for someone on the up

  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    I think Falcao is a better striker and I believe Aguero is a better forward. This may sound stupid and ambiguous.

    I'll explain. Falcao is a better finisher; the Colombian usually stays in the box' date=' where he's more decisive. Aguero usually plays right, left and center, not only looking to score, but also creating chances for his teammates.

    Falcao is better, when it comes to headers, however the Argentinian is quicker than him.

    In conclusion, they're both great players, but I'd probably choose Aguero. He's younger than Falcao and more versatile IMO.


    any chances of either getting to 95?

  4. Re: Amazing team, no titles HELP ME

    team looks great.

    sounds like the issue is a incompetent manager :D

    Hi guys' date=' i build this team for years and now is time to win a title:(, but i cant. maybe u can help me with tactics, any detail will be appreciated, i used 4-2-3-1 or 3-5-2 and i got no results :confused: this is my team:

    Buffon 94

    Courtois 90

    Criscito 90

    Vertonghen 91

    Bonucci 91

    Varane 90

    Boateng 90

    Marquinhos 87

    Piszczek 92

    Van Der Weil 90

    Vidal 92

    Marchisio 92

    Gundogan 91

    Dembele 90

    Eriksen 90

    Poli 89

    Reus 92

    Vucinic 92

    Turan 91

    Gotze 93

    Kroos 92

    Giovinco 90

    Draxler 90

    Isco 90

    Lucas 90

    Neymar 92

    El Shaarawy 89

    Jovetic 91

    Heung Min Son 89

    and a lot o players loaned like:

    Zouma Kurt 85

    Tolgay Arslan 86

    Lacazette 88

    Firmino 88

    Verratti 88

    Leitner 87

    Koval 87

    Romulo 87

    Amat 87

    Willems 87

    Morata 86

    Niang 86



    Please help me! :(:(:([/quote']

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