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  1. Re: defenders 89-92 rises/ drops in the very near future...

    Jan Vertonghen might rise +1 now he has joined Tottenham.

    Jordi Alba might rise to switching to Barcelona

    William Gallas maybe -1

    Eric Abidal -1

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    i doubt vertoghen would rise just because he joined spurs. remember that spurs has no champ league and they are not title challengers.

    Alba will rise, but mostly because of spain euro success, not just because he moved to barca

  2. Re: Marco verrati

    hes 85 now ;)

    pleasant surprise. i'm happy to be wrong for once.

    but now i'm worried for his future.

    with the plethora of talents in PSG, he would conceivably be behind the pecking order, behind maitudi, motta, pastore, bodmer etc ending up 3/4th choice midfield.

    at this stage of his career, being on the bench is not good for him.

  3. Re: Luka Modric

    How good is he? What rating can he reach at Real Madrid' date=' Manchester United or Chelsea? Will he rise?[/quote']

    well. if he goes Real madrid. i would think that he would probably max out at 94 peak. but most probably stay in my opinion.

    Think about it. Alonso is at 94 being a key player for RM and spain. i just dont see modric rising above him.

    probably stay for the next season. if he wins some trophy and establishes himself then maybe he has a chance at 94.

  4. Re: Gaby MUDINGAYI


    A "former" F.C. Bologna player.

    87' date=' CM/DM, 30 years old.

    He has just became a Inter Player, but he was given on loan (!!!!!).

    There it is the problem.

    In the last season he played 34 matches out of 38 in the Italian Serie A. (0 goal)

    Would he be a good buy? Does he have any possibility of raise? Should I buy him?

    p.s. Sorry for my poor english, I'm in a hurry.[/quote']

    At his age he probablly wont rise by much.

    and i doubt he will be anything more than a squad player at Inter.

    not really worth punting on him. there are better talents out there.

  5. Re: Aguero deal.

    I have Aguero' date=' and i have been offered a swap deal which includes Ibrahimovic and Mata.

    Aguero is my top rated FWD, although i do have Robben who is can play as a FWD if required and Dzeko.

    I would be grateful for any advice![/quote']

    seems like a great deal. i would do it

  6. Re: Marco Verratti

    im not sure if moving to PSG would be good for his development to be honest.

    at this stage of his career, he needs to play week in week out.

    with the rate PSG is buying players, he's gonna be 3rd or 4th choice in the lineup behind pastore, maitudi, motta etc. i dont see him playing very often

    he would probably not rise much next season.

  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    nainggolan all day except if Arsenal have Paulinho in the bag as he would be a legend there


    both are pretty decent players. naingolan has been linked to a lot of bigger clubs eg juv etc in mid season, but come the transfer window, there's no news whatsoever.

    if he stays, he'll probably remain a 88.

    paulinho has been heavily touted for a transfer to europe. so he's more likely to rise.

    i would take paulinho.

  8. Re: Cuenca or Oscar

    You clearly havent read his question properly.

    He said he can only buy one' date=' and its Cuenca or Oscar, not Oscar and Lucas.

    I would get Oscar.

    Oh and Matadomance, Cuenca is at a top club anyway so it dosent really mean because Oscar is now going to chelsea hes the better pick.

    I just prefer him.[/quote']

    i understand the question perfectly.

    i was just stating that oscar's talent is on par with lucas. as such, he should grab oscar over cuenca if he has the opportunity.

  9. Re: Yaya Toure

    Hi' date='

    i've got Ramires 91 and Boateng 90. I would like to buy Toure but i have to sell one.

    What would you do?


    yaya toure is the mainstay of a mancity side that will dominate the epl and champ league next season....

    i would think he has a good chance at 94.

    i would grab him if i got the chance.

  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    I asked a wee while ago whether to swap my Pepe+Muniain for Vidic.

    The consensus was that generally was too much' date=' so now what about Pepe+Kagawa? Neither Muniain or Kagawa get into the first team - some time the cup team.


    i would keep the duo...

    but if you must sell, i would prefer kagawa over munian to be honest.

    kagawa would most probably get a 91 with his title win at dortmund and subsquent move to man u.

    while i just dont see munian getting a 91 anytime soon with bilbao hardly challenging in the league and he's down the peckign order in the NT.

    but given that there's so many paedophiles in the forum, most would advise you to go with munian.

  11. Re: Riferimento: Serie A Ratings Changes 2011-12 (II)

    Is Ambrosini safe at 90? I'm wondering if it's worth selling my Scholes for 6' date='7 M and buying him for 4,5 M...any advice??[/quote']

    yeah. with milan selling so many players and not buying any, he still have a big role to play

    scholes will definitely retire at the end of the season

  12. Re: Ratings predictions for CBs under 25

    Plain and simple' date=' will these guys go up, down or stay the same rating (they're all currently 89):


    DOMINGUEZ, Álvaro

    DOUGLAS, Teixeira

    MAICON, Pereira

    CAPOUE, Étienne

    TASCI, Serdar

    ZAPATA, Cristian

    BOCCHETTI, Salvatore

    RUIZ, Víctor

    EVANS, Jonny

    Plus any suggestions for defenders that will be rated 90 in the near future would be great.[/quote']

    i dont see any one of those rising....

  13. Re: Spanish Defenders

    I'm looking for some help on which Spanish defender is worth buying and if they are likely to rise in the coming season. I know a little bit about each of the following but want some second/third/fourth opinions!

    Victor Ruiz (89)

    Aurtenetxe (88)

    San Jose (88)

    Juanfran (88)

    Monreal (89)

    Gamez (88)

    Jose Angel (88)

    Big thanks.

    ruiz has a chance at 90. given than valancia is doing well and rami is 91. and he has champ league soccer next season.

    aurtenetxe will probably hit 89 next season. but beyond that is hard to say. probably will get a couple of years or a big move to get more than that.

    san jose probably same story as above. but doesnt really seem as talented. i think he has a 50/50 chance of 89 next season.

  14. Re: sagna for suarez

    i have sagna..i can get suarez for sagna + cash.. is it a good deal? or should i try to exchange suarez with evra ' date=' considering evra might go down[/quote']

    i would rather keep sagna.

    it's harder to find a good rb than a striker.

  15. Re: Serie A Ratings Changes 2011-12 (II)

    I was offered Insigne for my Obi. Is that a good deal? I accepted it' date=' because I believe Insigne is going to get regular minutes since Lavezzi left to the Parisian giants. Also, I heard that Obi is no longer the great prospect he was so raved about being just a year ago. Thoughts? Thanks.[/quote']

    insigne, destro and veratti are the new future of italian football. grab them while you can:cool:

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