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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Villa will drop. In the next championship

    doubt so. he'll stay for at least 1-2 more real life season seeing that he's probably AM's main striker.

    1-2 real life season = abt 4-5 SM season.

    worth the deal me thinks. esp if you are short in that position.

  2. Re: SM , pls do something regarding finances of every club ..

    Could you please find the balance right for every finance department of every club in SM is suffering now ... it seems impossible to balance the accounts ... PLS do something about it ...

    how many players do you have? are you hoarding?

    maybe that's why

  3. Re: Aguero -- Gotze --- Fabregas

    I have Aguero.. I can swap him with either of Gotze or Fabregas..

    Whom should i go for..And is giving away aguero worth it?? I have IBra and Vucinic and llorente as back up.

    fair deal either way. depends on who you need. personal preference is gotze. fab would work too given that he can play FC and CM. so you have more verasatility.

  4. Re: Riferimento: Do you have any idea how to counter 3-5-2 please?

    I'm going to play against a 3-5-2 (93+ avg) just today's match.

    Previous games against same squad: 4W' date=' 2D, 2L.

    I'll counter with a 4-5-1 (91 avg), def mentality, direct pass, fast tempo, hard tackling, pressing own half, playing style to through middle;

    counterattack, use playmaker, tight marking and use target man. I'll report the result here[/quote']

    352 plays with 3 centre backs. with the main weakness in the full back position.

    any formations that attacks down the wings should do well against 352.

    personally i would go for 4231 with attacks down both flanks. 433 wingers seems to do well too.


  5. Re: Who to buy

    baines or jerome boateng?

    marchisio or carzola or erikson?

    boateng - younger. more versatile. playing for german champ will rise eventually.

    marchiso - i can see him at 93 together with vidal next season.

  6. Re: Counter formations

    I won this game 0-3 against an unmanaged side. I have a better side as you can see below.

    My problem is i had 28 shots (13 on target) and managed to score only 3 (2 of them at the end). What is the problem pls?



    in short : prob is the game engine. :D

    just some observations:

    1. ratings are not the be all and end all of SM. i have superstar teams that flop and teams with 89/90 first team that go 25 match unbeaten.

    if ratings is so impt then every season, in every game world, messi will be top scorer followed by ronaldo.

    2. no formation works for every league and every team every season. What works this season, may not work next season. What works with my superstar team may not work with my other teams. key is to find what works . make full use of the friendlies matches to experiment. no point playing friendlies and keep using the usual formations.

    good luck bro!

  7. Re: Getting it right.

    I took over as Newcastle manager and did amazing in my first season finishing first with a really bad team. Second season' date=' I bought in quality players yet finished fifth. It seems really strange how I did better with worse players. Now it is pre-season in my gameworld and I am about to start my third season as Newcastle manager. I am hoping this season will be really good and like my first one!

    I have plenty of good players who are predicted to rise, but soccermanager is more than that... it is about winning matches.

    My squad is as follows:


    Sebastian Frey - 90

    Aaron Fletcher - 60


    Thiago Silva - 92

    Vincent Kompany - 91

    David Luiz - 90

    Mats Hummels - 90

    Diego Godin - 90

    Jerome Boateng - 89

    Fabricio Collocini - 88


    Nigel De Jong - 91

    Yann M'Vila - 89

    Ranieri Sandro - 88

    Nuri Sahin - 90

    Abou Diaby - 89

    Mesut Ozil - 93

    Charlie Adam - 86

    Joey Barton - 86

    Ganso - 88

    Pedro - 92

    Marko Marin - 90

    Gervinho - 89

    Wijnaldum - 87


    Marouane Chamakh - 91

    Edin Dzeko - 92

    Goran Pandev - 91

    Radamel Falcao - 91

    Or you can see http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=1755718&clubid=5725591&sid=17528

    Thanks and if you need any more information (e.g morale, form etc) please say!

    midfield looks weak though. u need better quality midfield.

  8. Re: It has become impossible to make transfers

    I love the new finance systems that give more power to money' date=' the game needed that. However, other stuff around it needs to be tweeked because now it has become unplayable. 3 things make it impossible to trade :

    1. the value of players depending on your team's rating.

    Great, i buy a player for his CV at 6.2M, and at the end of his TB, he is worth 4.1M (with no change in rating or in age). I understand the point of this rule, but it is not only a little bit stupid (neymar going to barca doesnt make his value go from 57 down to 30....), but most important it is way too big...... ok for a 10% reduction, but a 33% drop? seriously? I've also add another player that rose from 88 to 90 and now i can sell him CHEAPER than i bought him....

    2. chairman

    Chairman imposing minimum/maximum bids is a nightmare. I've had many agreements for trades with people in my GW but when we try to do it we cannot because of chairman.This is mostly due to some players being overvalued and some others being way undervalued (Draxler at 8.9M...Demba Ba at 6.0M... seriously???)

    So for example to get Higuain; we had agreed on Higuain = Draxler + Gustavo

    But because of chairman even Draxler + Gustavo + Dembelé + Negredo would not be sufficient.....

    3. Player values

    They are just so terribly wrong and sadly they are now the only thing that decide if a transfer is possible or not...

    Unknown 83 rated players can reach 5M, and some immense prospects like Draxler are not even worth double that, and worse, some amazing players like Negredo are worth only 1M more......

    Also, i have both Busquets and Ronaldo in my team. Busquets is 38M, Ronaldo is 39M...What the hell? age is important i agree, but not THAT much!

    Comparing player value in game to player value on transfermarkt, you will realise some are at 100% of their real price, and some are divided by 4 (like Ba who is here at 6M instead of 21M so 3.5 times less..)....[/quote']

    well. at least now, money has value. :D

  9. Re: Riferimento: English Premiership Rating Predictions

    Ok. Thank you very much.

    Can I ask you an advice also on Carrick and G. Cahill?

    How good they are?

    I've been asked Carrick + G Cahill + 10 M in order to get B. Scwheinsteiger.

    Should I accept?

    all 3 has peaked in my humble opinion.

    but schweinsteger is class.

    i would do it in a heartbeat!

  10. hi guys! need some help here.


    Title decider with bayern munich with my team ( Inter) 1 point in the lead with Real Madrid and Chelsea breathing down my throat.

    So far i'm doing ok with a 352 but form pretty average.

    next match against a Bayern that plays a 4231.


    should i change the formation to a 541? or should i stick with 352 and hopes that it overcomes the 4231 of BM? Reason being bayern seems to be weak against 541 while their track record against teams playing 352 is pretty decent.

    Thanks in advance!

  11. Re: Lost club a day early

    Hi' date='

    Looking for some help.

    I was out of the country for a week, just arrived back Saturday. Knew I was close to 14-day login limit for one of my clubs. I got an email from SM on Saturday giving me the warning, and saying it was ok, I have 1 more day to log in.

    So I logged in to SM this evening (Sunday). And the club is gone.

    It was Saprissa in 'FIFA World Championship'.

    How can I contact SM to have the team reinstated? There doesn't seem to be a ticket option for this type of thing, so was not sure what the correct process is?

    I accept why the login rule is there, but if SM tell me I have a day to log in, I should be able to expect that to be true![/quote']

    probably due to time difference? hard luck dude

  12. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions

    Who's worth keeping from Juventus' date=' specifically from this bunch?

    Leali, Branescu, Barzagli, Caceres, Masi, Magnusson, Gouano, Curti, Garcia, Marrone, Isla, Asamoah, Chibsah, Gabriel, Bouy, Sakor, Pirlo, De Silvestro, Spinazzola, Beltrame, Gabbiadini, Boakye.

    Cheers. :)[/quote']

    pirlo and barzagli is getting on in age. but still first choice.

    leali. masi gabbiadini , boakye bouy are highly rated. worth holding on to them. but will be a while before they break into the first team.

    isla is reputed to be on the way to inter.

    asamoah is first team . wont drop. worth keeping.

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