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  1. Re: 87/ 90 Risers Database

    The Database is a compilation of work based on other users... So thats why there aren´t some players that you think should rise... and they won´t or will.

    For my experience and knowledge. Mario Gotze is simply too young. 20 years and 92 rating? Maybe if Borussia wins the title again and go far in the Champions League and all of that with Gotze being crucial woning those titles.

    Hazard' date=' don´t know anything about him. Don´t like him playing lol. But i guess 92 should be for now and 93 in a far future:p

    Falcão 95/96? I know he is atm the best CF in the world but, 92 to 95/96? The maximum he can get is 94. Nothing more! Thats +2 playing at Atletico Madrid playing only at Europa League Level.

    So Gotze 20 years 91

    Hazard 21/22 Years 92/93

    Falcão 93/94[/quote']

    hazard has a shot at 93 for sure being a key player for chelsea.

    falcao is max 93 at next rise . i doubt he can jump +2

  2. Re: Help with Business Ideas

    Hello' date=' i have been playing in SM for the last year and a half, but i have just created a forum account. I have always been really interested in buying young players, but some of them haven't been what I expected from them, especially Toby Alderweireld (23 years-old, lvl89), who I expected to rise quickly, but after doing some research on the forum and watching some Ajax's matches i'm really skeptical about his possibilities to reach 90 lvl. Even though he is just asubstitute for my main right back (Lukasz Piszczek), I would like having a substitute that is able to reach a high level soon. That's why I'm trying to sell Toby, [b']and here is where i need your help.[/b]

    I added Alderweireld to the trasfer list asking 20m for him, but after some time all I get was a 14,7 offer from an external club. I'm thinking in accepting it, and using that money to buy Marc Bartra and Martín Montoya. What do you think?

    PD: also I would like to get some young left back, that will get a +89 lvl, by mid of next year, in order to replace my current player on that position (Kolarov). By now, my options are Alexander Butnner, Georgi Schennikov and Franck Tabanou (Alaba is already taken) What would you recommend me?

    I would really appreciate any thoughts about that :D

    tabanou has the best chance of 89. buttner will get a rise but i doubt he'll be 89 anytime soon.

    get batra and montoya if you can. great talents from a barca.

  3. Re: dedryck boyata

    is he worth keeping in the team.is there chances of him getting a rise?

    i want to sell him for 3-4 mil so that i can have enough to buy to buy alba.

    but if he is up for a rise then i can keep him and wait for some time more to buy alba.

    also what is his potential in your opinion.

    i have jones and papadoupolis as my key young defenders so he wont be getting many games in my team.

    not really a top talent. sell him if you can get alba.

  4. Re: Paul pogba

    What is his future potential?

    In my opinion if he continues his currently development could be a world class player! What do you think? For me he's being absolutely amazing this season....

    93+ ?

    i would think he'd be a 87 by end of this season. maybe a 89 by end of next if he continues to get minutes.

    long term potential hard to say given that Midfield generals like vidal and marchiso is still at 91.

    maybe a 91-92 depending on how well he performs and his international career.

  5. Re: Kevin Mirallas

    i have decided in my game world to trade tymoschuk for lukaku and miccoli for moses but i am not sure if i should go for mirallas' date=' i know he's been doing well for everton of late but will his rating go up??? it may sound insane but would many consider a trade of drogba for mirallas as drogba is in shanghai???[/quote']

    i think mirallas will rise to 89. while drogba will not be reviewed again for a while so his rating is safe for now.

    go for drogba if you need a good striker for the short term.

  6. Re: Sirigu or Lloris?

    i can possibly sign lloris or sirigu... i have diego lopez but i want a top class keeper i will trade him and cash for lloris or sirigu but who would be the better signing??

    i would go for sirigu.

    lloris isnt a starter at spurs. and the gaffer doesnt seem to appreciate him too much. might drop given his lack of mins. but definitely a talented keeper.

    sirigu is part of psg team that could sweep the french championship and maybe a few cups. a rise to 91 is not impossible.

  7. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2012/2013

    Thanks I will keep hold and hope for +2 . Has he got potential to go any higher in the future? Does he play a defensive role in midfield?

    he's one of those deep lying defensive playmaker type i think...

    maybe that's why he doesnt get the credit his talents deserves.

    but good player nevertheless.

  8. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions 2012/13

    Should get a rise. Big reason for Juventus having the best defense in the league. Regular starter in the team and such.

    playing very well. i agree.

    but given his age and SM's bianess against older players, i'm not confident he will rise.

    let's all hope.

  9. Re: Relegation Scrap

    I have a massive match next against Notts County' date=' They are unmanaged playing a 3-3-4 with an average rating of 84. My team has an average of 89. How do i go about beating them away from home?[/quote']

    i would do a 433 winger. direct ball down the flanks to capatalise on the lack of fullbacks.

    3 in the middle should be enough match their Midfield.

  10. Re: Ave. rating 93, still can't win?

    I took control of this Inter team towards the end of the previous season' date=' where they were first place in Division 2. I went on with a very good record using a 4-1-3-2, conceding hardly any goals and scoring plenty. Ended up first in the league, and have since moved onto Division 1.

    It hasn't been the best start so far, with 1 win, 2 draws and 4 losses seeing my 2nd last after 7 matches. Here is my squad:


    CESAR, Julio 92

    SZCZESNY, Wojciech 89

    TER STEGEN, Marc-Andre 87


    MAICON, Douglas 93

    ZANETTI, Javier 92

    CARVALHO, Ricardo 92

    LUCIO, Ferreira 92

    SAMUEL, Walter 91

    ANYUKOV, Aleksandr 91

    PEREIRA, Maxi 90

    MATHIEU, Jeremy 90

    WESTERMANN, Heiko 90

    CHIVU, Cristian 89

    VARANE, Raphael 87


    XAVI, Hernandez 97

    SNEIJDER, Wesley 94

    CAMBIASSO, Esteban 93

    KHEDIRA, Sami 92

    VAN BOMMEL, Mark 92

    GOURCUFF, Yoann 90

    PANDEV, Goran 90

    BENDER, Lard 89

    COSTA, Douglas 88

    LAMELA, Erik 88


    IBRAHIMOVIC, Zlata 96

    CAVANI, Ednison 92

    MILITO, Diego 92

    DROGBA, Didier 92

    TOTTI, Francesco 91

    JOVETIC, Stevan 90

    PAZZINI, Giampaolo 91

    PALOSCHI, Alberto 87


    ratings is not a good indication of performance.

    i have won titles with a team ave 90. and i have been relgated with a 94 average team before.

    my current team top scorer is a 89 rated welbeck while ronaldo is not doing very well. sometimes it's just happens

    otherwise every league the top scorer and highest average ratings will be ronaldo and messi.

    it's just how the game engine goes.

  11. Re: Bale vs Di Maria

    Who will end up with the highest raiting?

    Di Maria

    - plays for Argentina. first tier footballing nation.

    - plays for RM, perennial champ league and la liga contenders.


    - plays for wales.

    - plays for spurs. who are far from title contenders nor champ league participants.

    talent aside. in SM, the choice is clear.

  12. Re: Barzagli, Bonucci or Ranocchia?

    bonucci. easily a 90 at next review. playing for high flying juve wont do his prospect any harm.

    barzagli. a main stay in juve's defence. and doing very well too. dont think he will rise but definitely a safe 90. but he's getting old. and given that bonucci will rise soon, i would go for bonucci.

    rannochia. talented no doubt. but somehow i dont see him rising at inter. still too inconsistent? not my first choice.

  13. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings 2012/2013

    No obvious droppers imo.

    He's out injured and only got his 90 last review' date=' he wont drop.[/font']

    I do need to make some amendments/tweaks to the ratings though as i kinda expected the review to have been done by now, or at least be on the schedule. Will do this when the review is announced to try and be more accurate.

    you think ruiz got a shot at 90?

  14. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13

    what are the chances of aguero or van persie rising to 95 this next review?

    frankly not high.

    RVP should have a shot. but unlikely imho to rise until end of season at the soonest. but even then, SM dont like to rise older players. so 94 may be his peak.

    aguero on the other hand is younger. but he was plague by injuries recently. so unlikely to rise for now. maybe he will get a 95 if he continues to score and mancity wins the league

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