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  1. Re: Counter formations i find a 541 works well against 433 winger.
  2. Re: Counter formations just confirmed a counter. 352 counter 32221. 3 win 1 draw over 4 games and 32221 to counter 532. 2 win out of 2
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... great deal. bite his hand off!
  4. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? great collection... keep them all... good risers and talents.
  5. Re: Tactics Help Thread try a 532 or 541 with short passing and man behind ball. usually works for me
  6. Re: Counter formations typically what i do is 1. look at the opposing team schedule. see if they usually play the same formation. 2. look out for matches where they lost. 3. study any trends of their opponents on teams where they lost. eg. 32221 always lost vs teams that play 352. and there you have it.
  7. Re: Cash Injection same as in real life dude.
  8. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings 2012/2013 1. not with modric, alonso, ozil ahead of him. and essien and kaka also coming back into the mix. 2. Real isnt looking too good in the league at the moment. so i doubt he will rise.
  9. Re: Riferimento: Liga BBVA Ratings 2012/2013 nothing is "for sure":D
  10. Re: Riferimento: Re: Serie A Rating Predictions 2012/13 deserves it. but wont get it i suspect.
  11. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions 2012/13 doing well i think. probably 87 this time. and hoepfully ( depending on how well his team does and whether he gets NT caps) up to 89 i would suspect. Destro is another you should grab if you get the chance.
  12. Re: Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis i would think he has a good chance. great player imho. and versatile too
  13. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? verrati, destro are the future of italian soccer. grab them first. and they'll rise soon as they are getting regular game time with their clubs. cuenca is talented too. grad him if you have excess cash.
  14. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13 i doubt so. going by your logic, fabregas should be a AM/Fwd too since he plays in the false 9 position too. Am/cm should a right for fellaini
  15. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... is hazard for kompany a good deal? im getting kompany.
  16. Re: Riferimento: Liga BBVA Ratings 2012/2013 defintely talented. got chance of 89 this season... but i dont see him at anything more than a 90 in the long term.
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