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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Could you guys rank Camacho' date=' Volland, Joel Obi, Clyne, Destro, Iturbe and Immobile*? Thanks :)

    My bad, I left out Immobile in my first post :o[/quote']

    Destro/Immobile : future of italian soccer .

    joel obi - highly rated in inter apparently. would probably make a nice riser but not sure of long term future potential.

    Clyne - was linked with several big clubs like man u before making a surprising move to southampton. getting good game time and will rise well and would probably move on sooner rather than later to a bigger club.

    Iturbe - touted as the new messi. but yet to make an impact at porto. but still very highly rated.

  2. Re: Which player to pick

    Your team has all the positions covered and you got the option to buy Macherano or Robinho. Which would you pick?

    Quick question: How do you rate Ayew Andre (89) and Ruiz Victor (89)?

    masch. harder to get a 93+ CB than a winger/fwd.

    ruiz got a better chance of a rise than ayew in my opinion.

  3. Re: Neymar or Hazard

    Just been offered Eden Hazard for Neymar. Neymar's ratings are much better' date=' but there's only 2 seasons been played in the GW so far. Any advice guys?? :confused:[/quote']

    take hazard. easily a +1 this season.

    will take a while for neymar to catch up if he goes to abigger league.

  4. Re: Ibrahimovic for van persie and Terry??

    RVP will possibly get a 95 next reviews. Ibra will 99.9% drop to 95 or 94.

    Terry is only going down from now on.

    I'd take RVP. Better club' date=' better country.[/quote']

    doubt RVP will rise. and i really doubt that ibra will drop.

    besides. i dont think there's much difference between a 94 and 96 in terms of the SM game engine.

    just a matter of preference.

  5. Re: Riferimento: Internazionale predictions


    Handanovic +1(one of the strongest goalkeepers in europe...extraordinary)


    Chivu stay

    Zanetti stay

    Alvaro Pereira stay

    Nagatomo +1

    Walter Samuel stay

    Ranoccchia +1

    Jonathan stay

    Juan Jesus +3

    Matias Silvestre +1/stay


    Cambiasso stay

    Gargano stay

    Stankovic stay

    Fredy Guarin +1

    Mudingayi stay

    Coutinho +1

    Wesley Sneijder -1

    Mariga stay

    Joel Obi +1


    Rodrigo Palacio stay

    Diego Milito stay

    Antonio Cassano stay

    Ricardo Alvarez stay

    rather optimitic predictions it seems?

    samuel and zanetti might drop. milito has a small risk of dropping too. and i dont see rannochia guarin and silvestre rising.

  6. Re: Angelo OGBONNA to rise?

    Do we think the Torino defender is in for a rise? Playing well in Serie A I believe' date=' called up to the Italy squad for the Euros and now Man U are apparently monitoring him.

    He hasn't had a rise since 2010 so do you think he'll rise in the next changes? If so, to what? And is he worth investing in?

    Thanks :).[/quote']

    easily a 87 at least in the next rise.

  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    How good is Robben now a days? Would you give Schurrle + Strootman for him? It's a very competative setup so the youth are important - on the other hand I could do with a good winger - but how long will he stay 94 or 93? :)

    Khedira by a long way

    Silva again by a long way. :)

    robben is still key player for a all conquering BM side. i say he would stay 94 for quite a few more seasons

  8. Re: Best Formation and tatics

    My team is juventus first 15 games won all of them using this tactic and formation. Based on Contes iron winning formation and tactic


    passing style:mixed



    attacking style:down both flanks

    pressing:all over

    Counter Attack

    Use playmaker

    formation 5-3-2

    attacking arrows for wingbacks

    defensive arrows for rcm and lcm

    defensive arrows for 2 strikers

    player instruction:

    DLP for every instruction. In my situation Pirlo.

    For more information join this world Italian Championship 11727 (Div 1)

    I'm lionelmessi10 head coach for juventus.

    can you show some screenshot please?

    i can't really visualise.

    thanks in advance bro.

  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    my Suarez + Walcott for Benzema' date=' would you do it?[/quote']

    i would.

    suarez is performing well but his rating is stunted at liverpoo. while walcott is young and talented but also unlikely to reach benz or suarez's level anytime soon.

    Benz on the other hand is playing well for RM and a key member of the french NT. a 95 in the future is not out of the question.

  10. Re: Who should I sell/keep?

    So this is my squad:

    HART' date=' Joe GK

    LAHM, Philipp D(RL)

    PEREIRA, Maxi D,M®

    WALKER, Kyle D,M®

    [b']BOCCHETTI, Salvatore D(LC)[/b]

    MASCHERANO, Javier D,DM©


    BOATENG, Jérôme D(RLC)

    BUSQUETS, Sergio D,DM©

    NAVAS, Jesús M®,AM(RL)

    ŞAHIN, Nuri DM,M©

    SNEIJDER, Wesley M,AM©

    MÜLLER, Thomas AM(RLC)

    NANI, Luís AM(RL)

    SUAREZ, Luis AM©,F(RLC)

    DE JONG, Luuk AM©,F(RLC)

    ROBINHO, Souza AM(RL),F(RLC)


    HUNTELAAR, Klaas-jan F©

    COURTOIS, Thibaut GK

    SANDRO, Alex D,M(L)

    DANILO, Luiz D®,DM©

    WILSHERE, Jack M©

    If I sell them who should I replace them with?

    sell those in bold.

    list out who is available for advise on who to buy

  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    I'm getting Suarez and aye I agree' date=' think he would make it into any side in the world I just think Liverpool's team makes him look worse when in my opinion he would be at 94/95 IF he was at a top team.

    Will Suarez rise do you think?[/quote']

    not while pool is at the wrong end of the table

  12. Re: Marco Reus or Theo Walcott

    Your missing the main point that Reus will rise next reveiw' date=' Walcott won't.

    And Walcott will only move because he won't sign a contract and will leave on a free. There is no way United or City would pay to get him lol, but on a free hes a good signing.[/quote']

    i'm not sure why you guys are so convinced that Reus will definitely rise next review.

    i for one , dont think so given dortmund dismal form of late.

    but as i said, wont go wrong either way, both are great talents to have.

  13. Re: Which AM would you sell?

    INIESTA' date=' Andrés AM(RLC) 28 97 36.3M

    ÖZIL, Mesut AM(RLC) 24 94 27.2M

    SILVA, David AM(RLC) 26 94 25.5M

    GÖTZE, Mario AM(RLC) 20 91 22.3M

    KAGAWA, Shinji AM(RLC) 23 90 10.0M

    Why? My team has a very small stadium so i need to keep selling droppers or players that keep ageing with stagnant ratings and buying young stars in order to keep the finances in shape.

    I play them in 4 positions RM, CM, CM, LM but also got Ronaldo and Hazard so they are on the limit of starting concerns, one more AM rated 90 in the mix and the whole rotating system will crumble.

    [b']I just brought in Oscar and looking to get Isco, any of these could be rated 90+ at the end of season[/b] and considering they keep the form they are in i'd rather sell any of the ones stated above.


    if you have to, sell kagawa.

    the rest will be very safe at the present ratings.

  14. Re: Marco Reus or Theo Walcott

    TBH Reus is probably a better player in real life.

    in sm wise i feel both would probably be about the same.

    - same position ( wing/fwd)

    - both are international ( england vs germany)

    - both playing for a well ranked team ( arsenal vs dortmund)

    - EPL is a better league than the bundeliga ( arguably) higher uefa coefficent at least.

    - Walcott got a chance to moving to a better club ( heard man city/man u are interested in signing him)

    wont go wrong either way, but i would go for walcott due to the last 2 points.

  15. Re: Counter formations

    Ha :P Good luck with your match. I need to win this one to maybe finish 4th.

    Picked 4-5-1 since it would outnumber the opponent in midfield. So I'd get more possession and hopefully more shots.

    Wow thanks' date=' I guess I'll try that. Not sure if I've got enough match fit defenders though :o

    Is this same 5-3-2 sweeper good against 3-4-2-1 as well?

    Edit: Oh I [i']do[/i] have enough defenders to go round. :P My squad doesn't have M(RL) so yeah. Wanted Martinez as Playmaker but he has to fill in a CB role :/ Bender :P

    Wish me luck.

    from exp. i find 451 effective against 3421. hope it helps.

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