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  1. Re: Riferimento: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Isimat Mirin' date=' Wollscheid, Caulker..Who is the best prospect???[/quote']

    at the moment. definitely wollscheid. easily a 89 by end of season i think.

    caulker has potential. but not exactly first team yet at spurs. need to see how he develops.

    mirin. highly touted in the french league. yet i suspect his sm rating will be stunted due to his club. dont really see him progressing post 89 until he leaves for a bigger club/league..

  2. Re: Counter formations

    Facing a 92-rated 4-3-3 Wingers with default instructions.

    Planning to play a 90-rated 3-5-2 with:

    Tackling Style: Hard

    Mentality: Attacking

    Passing Style: Direct

    Attacking Style: Through the Middle

    Tempo: Fast

    Pressing: Own Half

    Counter attack

    Offside Trap

    Playmaker (No. 6)

    Target Man (No.9)

    Target man because I'm playing 92 Falcao and 90 Giroud.

    Any thoughts? Thanks in advance. :)

    you're using a 352 to counter a 433 winger? you'll get slaughtered.

    the lack of fullbacks in a 352 will leave the wingers lotsa space to dominate you.

    i would suggest a 532 or 4231.

  3. Re: i need help, 1 of 2 players...

    i got a lil bit of cash left' date=' i need a cm or a lb, and its out of blaise matuidi or inters LB alvaro pereira[/quote']

    go for pereira.

    performing well. inter is high on the table. rating is safe.

    matuidi is doing good but probbaly wont rise until end of season.

    besides it's harder to find a 90 LB than a 90 CM.

  4. Re: -||Eredivisie Ratings II - End of Season Ratings Up! - by BRNL||-

    Compared to last season I'd say its a bit of a break out' date=' maybe not the kind where everyone suddenly gets to know him but certainly one when talking about him having a really good season. Last season was good, but not always that good, didn't score all that much and had some real poor games. This season he's simply amazing if you ask me and does pretty much everything right.[/quote']

    as great as bony is performing. do you think he can rise much at vitesse?

    i would suspect max 87 for now. pls correct me if im wrong....

  5. Re: Will Stefan Reinartz or douglas teixeira rise in rating or drop or stay same?

    I need a CB who is under 25 years old. rated 89 or above' date=' might rise but definitely wont drop in rating. stefan and douglas teixeira are available. who should i get?[/quote']

    i prefer reinartz.

    1) easier to get 90 in german league than in dutch league

    2) cb/dm is more versatile. it might be useful in diff situations.

  6. Re: Tevez or Yaya Toure

    they both wont rise' date='Yaya is hitting 30 years of age next year he wont rise,not sure if he will even get a lot of game time if city buy more players.[/color']

    tevez will keep his 93 i think could even go to a -1.He also will not rise.

    yaya is class. he's definitely first choice if he's fit.

    tevez probably wont drop. he's first choice to partner aguero... and infront of dzeko and balo in the pecking order. even though he was outcast last season, he didnt drop, why would he drop now?

  7. Re: AUBAMEYANG or LOPEZ Adrian?

    As the title says...


    Lopez Adrian is cheaper on my game world (both external clubs) - is there a reason for this? Is Aubameyang a much better prospect?

    both are good talents. but i would prefer adrian.

    better team better league better NT. more chance of a rise.

  8. Re: Will Neven Subotic go up in rating?

    do u think i should swap him for badstubber. its just that' date=' i need a CB and i think badstubber might lose his CB position in soccer manager due to the fact that he is playing in LB now in real life. So i was thinking of swapping him for subotic. is it an alright deal?[/quote']

    i would keep bads has a better chance of 92 than subotic.

    bayern munich is steamrolling the opposition and will probably win the title. and bads has a better NT.

    subotic is unlikely to rise while hummels remains 92. i dont see him better than hummels or even as good.

  9. Re: modric or vidal???

    I want to buy a midfielder and i have 15 mil to buy one.but on the other side i also want a good defender cuz presently i have a good starter(93 or above) at every defensive position and a decent backup(90 or above) for every position but i dont have any injury replacement.i mean if any one of my starter or my backup is injured' date='i dont have any player to replace him.but thr same goes for my midfield.i have a good midfield.my starters are all 93 or above and my backups are 89 or above.but i face a similar problem as my defense.i dont have enjury replacements.

    so who should i buy??

    should i buy modric and strengthen my midfield(as he would start as my LM).or should i buy vidal and use him as a backup for CM and as an injury replacement in the defense???[/quote']

    vidal has a good chance of 92 soon with juve winnign the title and performing well this season.

    on the other hand modric is unlikely to rise to 94 anytime soon.

    given the slight rating diff. i would got for the versatility that vidal provides. DEF is hard to come by in SM.

    conclusion: get vidal.

  10. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Scott Wootton worth a buy in a very competitive set up?

    Also' date=' Emre CAN + Aliain TRAORE for Duarte BERNARD? Which side?[/quote']

    i prefer bernard. future 90+.

    can is said to be v talented but still far far from first team. traore is nothing speical. dont see him being 90+

  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Anymore thoughts please?

    i would say you should do it.

    pedro will be a 93 for a long time to come. dont see him dropping while playing for barca.

    erikson and alderwierd are taalented but likely to stuck at 89 while at ajax or at best 90 for erikson.

  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Is it time to sell Sergio Canales will he rise?

    he is nnot within 10 people of my 1st time.

    Also same with Jordan Henderson will he rise no were near my first team

    Same with Gaston Ramirez how much more will he rise

    canales on long term injury iirc at valencia

    henderson isnt any special... and pool isnt doing too well

    gaston is talented but wont rise at southampton...

  13. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread?

    Hyina' date='do you think Lavezzi will drop next change? thanks.[/color']

    there's a chance to be honest. 50/50.

    he's not exactly first choice and for his rating to stay he needs at the very least to get more mins.

    if it continues, i woundnt be surprised if he drops at some point this season.

  14. Re: The New Players Thread

    Your joking aren't you????

    This is a player that oozes class!

    After being out for so long' date=' he still looked ace on his return. He is also still only 21 and looks so at ease in a top class midfield.

    Name five better prospects in his position if you believe he is another average player....[/quote']

    hmm... a couple comes to mind...








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