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  1. The name says it all... He is a little genious and he's been the heart of the Chelsea attack. I was really excited when he joined the Blues he had the creativity which Chelsea lacked before he came to the Bridge. I think that he will definitely rise but I think he will rise to 93. What do you guys think?
  2. Do you guys know any young Brazilian talent except for Neymar, Lucas, Casemiro ect.?
  3. Re: Results are unrealistic !!!! My team, Barcelona, argubaly the bet team in my Game World and I am currently 5th on the table. I won the league last season and won it twice in my 1 year with the club. Everytime I win and the league leader losses I always lose the next game and the league leaders always win. This has happened 5/6 times already this season and i can't accept that. I always lose to unmanaged clubs as well
  4. Re: Mario Gomez Thanks for the opinions guys, i appreciate it Does anyone of you when the next reviews for Germany and Spain are?
  5. Mario Gomez.... A born goalscorer, always at the right place at the right time. He has an amazing goal scoring record for Bayern Munich and he's on fire this season with 10 goals in 10 games... I seriously think he'll go up tp 95/96 by the end of the season and if Bayern win the Bundesliga there is no doubt he'll go up. What do you guys think?
  6. Luka Modric is BEAST. Tottenham are starting to play really well after a bad start to the season. Modric scored a wonder goal against Liverpool and he's been the heart of their current run in the Premier League. He's 82 on SM but I really think his rating will soon go up to 94/95. What do you guys think his rating will do up to?
  7. Re: Pedro Or Benzema Thanks, Hope his rating go up...
  8. Re: Josh McEachran McEachran will defenitley make a strong midfield with Romeu but I reall hope that he doesn't go back to Barcelona hope he falls in love with Chelsea and forget Barcelona:D
  9. Re: Pedro Or Benzema I had my offer accepted for Benzema, Cambiasso, who's going to drop because of his age and Inter's performance are dreadful. Also, I gave him Remy who I know is going to rise but I'm getting a replacement for him.... Benzema!! What do you think guys, is this a good deal? I've finally got an offer accepted after 3 weeks of negotiations
  10. Re: Josh McEachran I watched that game and i was impressed. He should have scored but sturridge had to touch it in lol. i was disappointed when he was took for sacrifice because of the alex red card. hope he gets more games or go out on loan. thanks for the help
  11. Who do you guys think the BIG Risers will be in the future of SM The Under 21's...
  12. Re: Thiago Alcantara De Bruyne... He's going to be a big riser if he moves to Chelsea
  13. The Future England Star! Josh McEachran has the potential to be a Chelsea and England Great... But there is a problem, he's not getting games at Chelsea which really dissappoints me, because I'm a HUGE fan. I hope he goes on loan and do what Wilshere and Sturridge done, be a great player. What do you guys think his rating will change to if he gets first team experience or go on loan.
  14. Re: Thiago Alcantara I know but there's ALWAYS HOPE
  15. Re: Oriol Romeu Yeh but Essien won't get straight back to the squad because he will need to be 100% fit so he will make substitute appearance before he gets back to the Starting 11:D
  16. Re: Thiago Alcantara I hope not. I really like the guy and hope Chelsea will try and get him
  17. Re: Thiago Alcantara I think I agree with you I really wanted Chelsea to sign him but then he signed a new deal which dissappointed me
  18. Oriol Romeu. He has started 2 games for Chelsea and made his Champions League debut not long ago. In the two game he's started, he has been EXCEPTIONAL. I am a BIG Chelsea fan and I hope he stays at Stamford Bridge and not go back to Barcelona where he probably won't get as many game at Chelsea because of Busquets and Mascherano. Back to the point, I think he is a BIG riser but what will rating change to?
  19. What do you guys of Thiago Alcantara? He finally broke into the Barcelona team and in the Spain team. He's only an 86 on SM and will definitely go up in the next Rating Change. The BIG QUESTION is what will his rating be?
  20. Gary Cahill is a top class defender but he is only an 88 on Soccer Manager. In my opinion I think he should be over 90 no doubt but because he plays for Bolton that's struggling at the moment so he hasn't gone up. When the transfer opens in January and he moves to a better club such as Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal and even Barcelona who are interested in him, do you guys think he will go up? What do you think?
  21. Alexis Sanchez has been playing AMAZING football since he arrived at Barcelona. I know he's rating will do up but how much? What do you think?
  22. Re: Van Persie But isn't it about the player's performance rather than the teams perfonmance that counts? Thanks for the reply anyway, much appreciated
  23. Do you guys think Van Persie will go up to 94? He's on great form but I dunno if he'll go up because of his age. What do you guys think?
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