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  1. Benteke and Otamendi would cap off a brilliant transfer window for me. We should really activate the Benteke clause asap. I don't see a better striker available and it would be nice to have him on tour. I'm presuming Darmian is no worse than Valencia or someone like Clyne. Never seen him play mind.
  2. Cracking goal by Pereira for U20's. Need to find him a good loan for next season to keep his progression going.
  3. The entire season season was riddled with ridiculous plot lines and really really lazy writing. The Dorne storyline was a complete and utter waste of time full of terrible acting and hilariously (bad) dialogues. Can't believe you thought Jon dying was a shock. Showing Olly every few minutes with a scowl on his face and moaning about his parents being killed by wildlings should have been an early clue. Twenty minutes of Hardhome, the Arya and Cersie scenes aside it was a really poor season. Seems to me they are taking things for granted and no longer bothered about telling a good story because
  4. Good lord! The second half of the episode was stunning. Everything about it was perfect. If not for the terribly dialogue and scene with between Tyrion and Dany it would have been right up there with one of the best GoT episodes.
  5. Valencia is plain awful. I've gone from salivating at the prospect of him playing on the right to now positively despising it. He ain't good enough. He's a passable 1v1 defender due to his freaking strength and pace but his positional sense is all over the place. The number of goals we've conceded in the last couple of season due to his sheer incompetence in maintaining any sort of positional discipline is staggering. Don't rate Clyne either and fortunately we don't seem to be interested in him anymore. This is one area of the team that needs serious improvement and I've not even touched on hi
  6. Re: Official Manchester United Thread Van Gaal only made 2 mistakes with Falcao: 1. Sign him. 2. Play him. We might have finished 3rd if we hadn't wasted the season trying to fit him in when it was obvious he wasn't good enough. All of Welbeck, Hernandez and Henrqiuez would have been more useful if they had stayed at the club. Quite possibly one of the worst strikers I've seen at United in my time. A half dead Michael Owen was more useful.
  7. Re: Official Manchester United Thread Season Summary? Overall it was a 6/10 season for me. Objective achieved but the quality of football for the most part was very poor. The constant tinkering to the system and repeatedly playing players out of position was very annoying. Injuries need to be looked at for the next season. I look at someone like Chelsea and it's baffling how few injuries they have despite playing many more games. Maybe the answer is to sign a hot physio? I don't know but we can't keep on going like this season after season. The signings in the summer were a mixed bag. Di M
  8. Re: Official Manchester United Thread In all seriousness that was another pathetic performance. Another season of this and LG might struggle to keep his job.
  9. Re: Official Manchester United Thread 10 minutes on and I'm still laughing.... Ever since we sacked Moyes Liverpool have become a laughing stock. Love it!
  10. Re: Official Manchester United Thread Damn Valdes... Can't stop laughing at the Stoke game
  11. Re: Official Manchester United Thread That Hull team is tragic. Oh Brucey....
  12. Re: Official Manchester United Thread We are NOT finishing 3rd for christs sake!
  13. Re: Official Manchester United Thread I dare say Evans might do a good job for you lot if he can regain his confidence. Used to be a pretty good player, dunno what happened to him this season. He's also a good passer when he's playing well. Blackett is championship standard right now though.
  14. Re: Official Manchester United Thread Speaking of Hummels, had another very shaky game yesterday and yet people cream themselves when we're linked to him:confused: I'm definitely supporting Hull today or whatever their name is these days. A back 2 of Blackett and Evans combined with a front two of Falcao and Di Maria should ensure we concede at least once and keep giving away the ball at the other end. Although given how goal shy Hull are we might have to pull a Gerrard if they are to win.
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