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  1. Re: Iniesta at the moment the strikers i have are : Higuian RVP G.Rossi Giroud the reason i am considering this offer is rooney can play AM, i will never sell a player without getting a replacement, in this case rooney... an getting cavani will allow me to get rid of Rossi & giroud. very tough deal tbh but i shall hold out for a bigger offer.
  2. i have iniesta and i have just been offered Rooney & Cavani Thaughts people ?
  3. Re: Higuian i am very tempted but what are the future ratings predictions for these players ? i know cavani is a regular starter and a amazing player but what is the situation with gomez ? i know they invested in some strikers pizzaro & Mandzukic.. so is gomez a regular starter ? im not up to date on german football also what makes this decision harder.... the manager that has offered the deal is a family member, he knows his stuff and will not do a deal if he knows it is not going to benifit him. for example i have offered higuian if falcao is in the deal and it was laughed off despite the ratings diffrence. any opinions will be helpful thanks.
  4. i have been offered .. Cavani, M.Gomez & Cash for Higuian Thaughts people ? much appreciated
  5. Re: The basement [New Game World] sounds like a quality new game world, im very interested
  6. NEUER, Manuel LAHM, Philipp MARCELO, Vieira RAMOS, Sergio CAHILL,Gary JOSE,Enrique RAFINHA, Marcio CHIELLINI, Giorgio PIQUE, Gerard RAMI, Adil ZANETTI, Javier ESSIEN, Michael BOATENG, Kevin-Prince GIBSON, Darron FABREGAS, Cesc INIESTA, Andrés NASRI, Samir HAZARD, Thorgan KAKA, Ricardo RIBERY, Franck DI MARIA, Angel VAN PERSIE, Robin ETO'O, Samuel HIGUAIN, Gonzalo RHODES, Jordan ARÉOLA, Alphonse MARTÍNEZ, Iñigo RODWELL, Jack Much Appreciated
  7. Re: Eto'o i got eto'o about a week ago, just for the short term couldn't say no to a 96 rated player, i am aware about him getting a -2/-3 in the next Russian rating changes does anyone know when the Russian leagues will get reviewed ? im hopeing to try and sell him when his transfer ban is lifted. much appreciated
  8. Re: Mario gomez?!!!!! 0_0 this is a Joke ! all need now is for them to overlook RVP.
  9. plays for Valencia & also played in the spain team against england yesterday anyone know much about him ? much appreciated
  10. does anyone know much about nicolai boilesen ? the young left back at ajax maybe a rise in the next changes ? Help needed i dont know much about this player but heard his name mentioned as a good player for the future. Much Appreciated
  11. Re: De Jong or Khedira ? do you think Kroos will rise ? and im after a DM Midfeild at moment is .. Fabregas, silva , nasri, robinho,di maria Khedira & De jong are the only potencial risers and good DM that are available in my league Cheers for helping, please reply back asap.
  12. in my game world i have the choice to sign either Khedira or De Jong Khedira - young prospect plays for Madrid De Jong - good age & Man city doing well HELP NEEDED ASAP cheers much appreciated
  13. RONALDO, Cristiano 98 FABREGAS, Cesc 95 LAHM, Philipp 94 EVRA, Patrice 94 BUFFON, Gianluigi 94 RAMOS, Sergio 94 NASRI, Samir 93 GOMEZ, Mario 93 ROBINHO, Souza 93 SILVA, David 93 DI MARIA, Ángel 92 NEUER, Manuel 92 JOHNSON, Glen 91 HERNANDEZ, Javier 90 DE GEA, David 89 CAHILL, Gary 88 ........................................... Much Appreciated
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