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  1. Re: A Nation’s Pride (ANP 2012) Aww man....Dortmund taken. Man Utd for me then.Reserving Wayne Rooney
  2. Re: A Nation’s Pride (ANP 2012) SM name - Shawn Siew Dortmund - Gotze
  3. Re: FANTASY Draft League Tough luck bro...Your team just capitulated in the 2nd half :/ I believe you anticipated the initial formation (you did well in the 1st half leading 1-3) but you did not anticipate the change in the 2nd half
  4. Re: FANTASY Draft League Things are getting pretty tight in Div 2 Have to say Im pretty surprised to find myself so close to the top after an early bad run where I lost games I believed I could win. Had some brilliant "Giant" killing acts so far
  5. Re: FANTASY Draft League Does substitute appeareances count?
  6. Re: FANTASY Draft League Messi beats Ronaldo....again
  7. Re: FANTASY Draft League Eh...Messi is the real God.Hat-Trick Last night too and in the 1st half Beat that RVP And I got this god randomly ...
  8. Re: FANTASY Draft League Tottenham for me please
  9. Re: FANTASY Draft League Count me in too xD.
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