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  1. Re: Not Enough Evidence you say..... Well I just logged in to find out the Inter manager has been removed and the transfers reversed. I even had a PM from the manager stating he's Dad was the other player.... who cares, you made it so obvious you get what you deserve. THANK YOU SM. I am not sure who read this but I am glad someone actually saw how blatant it was.
  2. Here's one that's just happened in a new WC that I even paid money to reserve a team in. No extra money from me anymore SM. Same old **** response about not finding any evidence and all I said to them was to read the NEWS FEED. No need to call in CSI SM it's pretty clear cut here.... I understand multiple accounts are hard to confirm if using different IP's but not when the dumb ass's make it so obvious. I wanted to post this to show the peoples name in question. All I can say is if they are playing in your league (WC 14321 or 13709)... look out since SMFA won't do jack about it. adria
  3. Re: Elite Manager Championship 2012 I still have about 10 or so slots available for anyone wishing to join. (Over 25 managers already playing) We are right in the middle of the first season transfers so you will have your 300M to spend right away, good players still left to purchase.
  4. Re: Elite Manager Championship 2012 Add me as a friend if you want a spot, not many left. "Adam Storo" and make sure you have spot left, league almost starting. Last few will get Man Utd and Barcelona.
  5. Re: Elite Manager Championship 2012 Ive offered Inter to you.
  6. Re: Elite Manager Championship 2012 Teams are filling fast. If your interested in playing I can't promised the exact side you want but it matters little as everyone starts with no players. PM me your in game name here or add me as a friend "Adam Storo" and I will offer you a side.
  7. Re: Elite Manager Championship 2012 Because every team is empty and everyone starts out pretty much even.
  8. Re: Elite Manager Championship 2012 Teams wont matter as much, but best I can do is Inter. Let me know your in game name and I'll invite you.
  9. Hey guys, Long time player but recently I decided to open my first custom league. I recently seen that SM allowed for custom leagues to be made with empty squads and equal starting money and thought this would be the perfect base to really compete on equal footing. So here it is: Elite Manager Championship 2012 As fair a challenge as possible, giving all managers equal footing to see who is the best. - Teams with comparative stadium sizes. - Starting with Empty squads. - 300M start up money so no player hogging - Using the largest stadiums so money can be made and players kept. No
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