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    Re: Adriano Leite
    He won't drop to 89. Maybe 90 at worst case but I think he may keep his 91.
    I just recently purchased him as I think he will get the starts for Inter as going from his stats in Brazil (Sao Paulo, while on loan) he managed to recapture his goal scoring touch. I am not sure how accurate these stats are but I read somewhere he had played 28 times and scored 17 goals for Sao Paulo.
    He has just returned to Inter and had a small injury at the start of the season which kept him out of the first few games.
    He has since started Inter's last 2 games and featured in their weekend defeat to Milan as a sub. He has also played and scored in their fist champs league game after coming on as a sub.
    For me I think he will recapture his old form or go close to it. Cruz and Crespo are not getting any younger and we all know how Mourinho loved Crespo soo much at Chelsea so I think his future is good at Inter now.
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    Re: Gold Championship 12 - News, Transfers & Match Reports

    Transfer scoup - Frank Lampard signs for Bayern Munich!!!!!!

    Bayern Munich released a press statement today that confirmed Frank Lampard had signed for the current German champions. In what seems to be such a quick transfer between Lampards former club Udinese and the German champions it has come as a huge surprise to the media as Bayern's manager Mr Storo only mentioned a few days ago he would be looking at adding a world class midfielder but had many thinking this would not happen till the end of the season.
    The transfer also sees promising player Ezequiel Garay and seasoned veteran Ze Roberto move in the other direction.
    When contacted by phone today, Mr Storo had this to say. " I am very pleased with the purchased of Frank Lampard. When I originally said I wanted a world class player for my midfield there were only a few names on the list and at the very top was Frank. We were delighted when we contacted Udinese to enquiry about Frank and they said they would be willing to discuss a transfer."
    "I think both teams got a good deal. We wanted Frank very much and in losing Garay and Ze Roberto Udinese got to strengthen 2 areas. Players like Frank do not come available very often so it was still a hard decision to let both Garay and Ze Roberto go but we are quite strong in those areas already and our main target was a world class midfielder that could lead us into the SMFA Cup next season."
    "I would like to thank Ezequiel and Ze Roberto for their efforts this year and past years and as they leave, they leave as champions. This is the best send off a club can give to their departing players."
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    Re: Italian Ratings
    Have a look at Toms italian ratings. All the teams are in there and there are a few risers 90+ that he expects. Good read.
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    Re: GC 15 Discussion thread.
    Around 8pm Saturday Aussie time.
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    Re: Spanish Ratings
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    Re: Spanish Ratings
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    Re: Gold Championship 12 - News, Transfers & Match Reports

    Phillip Lahm has left Bayern

    Phillip Lahm played his last game for Bayern today, and went out on a high with a 2-1 win over VFL Bochum. It was revealed after the game in a press conference that Manager Mr Storo had accepted a bid from Manchester United that seen both Patrick Evra and old Bayern boy Owen Hargreaves join Bayern + 12M cash and Lahm head the other way.
    Knowing that Lahm was a crowd favourite Mr Storo mentioned in his press interview that the deal was too good to turn down. He said " Like I mentioned before, if we got an offer that was too good to turn down we would consider it and this is what happened with Phillip. We received 2 world class players that will add huge depth and experience to the side and from our point of view it was a win win situation. I am also very glad to see Owen back here. I have been a huge admirer of Owen for years and when the opportunity to have him as part of this deal was mentioned, I jumped at the chance. He is the type of player that would benefit any team. As for Patrick Evra, what can you say about him that people already don't know. He is a very talented player. He can slot in at LB or play LM if needed, a very versitile player and starting LB for the French team. I am sure he will fit in well here with Sagnol and Ribery helping him settle."
    As for the game, Bayern were a little rusty today and managed to sneak away with the win. Mr Storo mentioned that the team will take a little time to adjust to his management style and while he does expect 1 or 2 more signings with maybe 1 or 2 leaving, he expects the team to firing on all cylinders within the next few weeks.
    Rumours have it that Hamit, Sosa, Schlaudraff, Ottl and Podolshi have been subjected to bids this week and one or two of these are expected to leave.
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    Re: Gold Championship 12 - News, Transfers & Match Reports


    After going over a Santa's list of applicants for the vacant managers job, Bayern finally agreed on appointing Mr Adam Storo as their next manager.
    After a host of new managers joined rival teams the Bayern board decided to wait an extra day before making the above statement.
    With some of the press tipped off yesterday, a recorded interview with the manager to be had already taken place. Mr Storo said he was very excited to be working with one of the biggest teams in world football and hoped his attacking breed of football would benefit an already powerful team.
    When quizzed about his transfer targets Mr Storo replied " My main aim after looking at the team is to build depth. Bayern is already a very strong team with the likes of Lucio commanding the back and the powerful foward duo of Klose and Toni leading the charge but the weakness I see is the depth. We need to have a strong team across the board and this includes all squad players. Bayern will be challenging for the league and all the cups they enter, so we need a very fit and large squad to achieve this." One reporter then asked if anyone would be leaving and Mr Storo replied " There are a few positions we are very strong in and some we are not so strong. I will be looking at selling or trading some world class defenders to cover other positions we need strengthening in."
    That concluded the pre-recorded interview.
    As of today, Bayern have purchase 20+ players for their youth development, sold Marcell Jansen for 30M to Real Madrid and rumours going around are suggesting they are listening to offers for world class and German International Phillip Lahm.
    When contacted today about the Lahm situation Mr Storo replied " Yes it is true. We have spoken to Phillip about the possibility of selling or exchanging him for a few players that will add a lot of depth to our squad. While he is dissappointed about the possibility of leaving, he understands that football is also a business." Mr Storo also added " I also made it clear that we would not be releasing Phillip unless the deal is something we cannot turn down."
    Mr Lahm was unavailable for comment.
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