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  1. Re: FANTASY Draft League (FDL) Inter defeated Juventus 2-0 in the Derby D'Italia. It was a good win for the home side as they established a 6 point gap between 4th and 5th place with 3 more games to go.
  2. Re: FANTASY Draft League (FDL) Inter are coming back to life once again by thrashing Porto 4-0 at the Dragao stadium. With only 6 more games left, manager Sulaiman Daud are looking for positive results in the remaining fixtures. Up next will be a home derby against Milan!
  3. Re: A Nation’s Pride (ANP 2012) Finally Feyenoord notched their first win in the league by beating Marseille 1-0 at Velodrome.
  4. Re: A Nation’s Pride (ANP 2012) Feyenoord are set to welcome a couple of big names to the club in the likes of The Flying Dutchman Robin van Persie as well as Spanish winger Jesus Navas. Familiar faces such as James Milner, Younes Kaboul and Alessandro Matri will also be joining.
  5. Re: UPCOMING GAME: A Nation’s Pride (ANP 2012) This is my friend Viknesh. His nick is Vikneshswaran K. Palan
  6. Re: A Nation’s Pride (ANP 2012) SM - Sulaiman Daud Club - PSV Eindhoven Star Player - Who else if none other than ROBIN VAN PERSIE!!!
  7. Re: FANTASY Draft League A great win for my Inter in the Milan derby and didn't expect the scoreline to be so huge. 3 out of the 4 goals were scored by my defenders.
  8. Re: FANTASY Draft League Drew with Lyon 1-1 and Gignac is unstoppable right now! 5 goals already!
  9. Re: FANTASY Draft League Hopefully that's true! Howay the lads!!~ Can't believe that my Inter won with only 1 shot compared to Bayern's 14 shot on target
  10. Re: FANTASY Draft League It's going to get underway tonight! Woohoo!
  11. Re: FANTASY Draft League Can't believe that my strikeforce are in the top 3! RVP will lead them game by game!
  12. Re: FANTASY Draft League Welcome to the game! Which team are you? Good luck anyway
  13. Re: FANTASY Draft League Very nicely done up evoked. Yay 22 of my players are already in!
  14. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread That's a disgrace!! What an ugly name!!
  15. Re: FANTASY Draft League Or you can even face me evoked. I'll make sure my van Persie destroy you singlehandedly
  16. Re: FANTASY Draft League Cool! Got my first 2 youth players. We're ready to rock on!!
  17. Re: English Championship 8128 - Discussion Woohoo just thrashed Leyton Orient 5-1!
  18. Re: FANTASY Draft League I'll be attending the Saturday's draft but 50/50 for the Sunday one. And i've got my kiddies shortlist ready!
  19. Re: FANTASY Draft League Hmm i'm fine with both ideas but i'll prefer idea #2. Now it's time to hunt for young kiddies in the game!
  20. Re: English Championship 8128 - Discussion Just recorded a narrow win over Shorpe and my team is sitting quite comfortably in the top after 6 games. Hopefully the good form can continue..
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