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  1. Re: Xhaka or Kondogbia i prefer barkley
  2. can only get one, which would you rather have?
  3. Re: vidal What about javi martinez?
  4. How good is vidal really? potential 95? or raise to 94 soon? know very little on this player
  5. Re: reus he owns Barcelona, its almost always stacked
  6. reus with a +1 today, we all happy now?
  7. who to get rid of and who would you keep??
  8. Re: Neymar 93 on another note... neymar is a good player, and this was bound to happen eventually. you cant deny neymars talent. im not overly angry at this, but hopefully rating increases in the future will take a little more time
  9. Re: Neymar 93 so bale will most likely get a +1 soon haha
  10. Re: Worlds top 3 players? (Not messi/ronaldo!)? ribery, RVP, thiago silva (prior to injury)
  11. robben set to rise again?
  12. Re: Ozil or Aguero??! ozils so good. (am) seem to be able to stay at top form for a lot longer than strikers, strikers go through dry spells. either ones great though
  13. Re: ☆☆Young-Boy™☆☆ BIG RISERS appreciate the help! this threads great, ignore the hate. this is my favorite thread. keep it up!!
  14. Re: top flight defenders set to rise nastasic, you think? im a fan of slow rising... watched some of his preformances and hes good, but id think (hope) sm would wait at least 6 months til next rise...
  15. anyone know of any 90+ defenders set to rise?
  16. Re: Eriksen or Maher erikson. you see the goal he had yesterday? not that you should base your buy off of one shot... but hes going to be a necessity for tottenham this year
  17. with the way sm is now... expecting a +1 for balo?
  18. Re: Swap Deal i like martinez personally. when a 26 year old late into his career makes some noise its usually not purely based on hype. hes good
  19. Re: Are Man United saving number 7 for Ronaldo i think ronaldos getting a new contract (probably to give him the same/ more money than bale) so if he does leave man u have to cough up a lot more
  20. 99 - 1 player 98 - 1 player 97 - 1 player 96 - 3 players 95 - 9 players 94 - 19 players 93 - 21 players 92 - 41 playes 91 - 79 players and i didnt even want to count all the 90 rated players. does that seem right to everyone? cause right now I feel like everyone either stays or get higher. I feel like there def shouldnt be 100+ 91-92 rated players. but thats just my opinion. then when i saw bale i was dumbfounded. anyone else agree? or do ppl think this makes sense?
  21. Re: Bale to 94 *** I agree this is very stupid... but if he has a good year at real i wont complain. get sm are playing sm predict...
  22. Re: Jesus Navas. honestly i think he will. if you look at the statistics of him its clear to see hes a game changer. his games one of the most unique as far as proffessional soccer goes. few can run the side of a soccer field as well as he. I think its fair to say he will be a constant at man city creating many opportunities. i think a 93 would be fair.
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