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  1. Re: Rb cb cf F(RCL) VALUE GINCZEK 84 3.8 V. Fischer 85 5.7 TELLO 87 3.5 W ZAHA 85 3.8 M. ICARDI 85 5.5 RIVIERA 87 4.8 M(RCL0 KRISTICIC 82 2.3 DM D© SOBIECH 87 5.7 D® DONATI 85 3.7 D(L) SHAW 82 4.3
  2. I need good young players that are roughly under 5 mil on sm. preferably RB CB and/or CF. i would start a thread listing great players to get around that range (if there is a thread let me know) but i do not have enough soccer knowledge yet to even begin to tackle this. so any info on players for my and others benefit would be nice, thanks
  3. Re: Ribery With the way sm is right now he will get 96
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... hazard all day
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... UPDATE on my eden hazard. would you rather Hazard = de scigilio + marquihos + 8 mil or Hazard = carvajho + marquihos + 8 mil (+ fischer for min price goes with both deals) need help, basically would you rather have de sciglio or carvajho, i dont care about sm position just skill and potential or gundogen + carvajho(or de sciglio) + 5 mil then marquihos for straight up cash
  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... id rather have smalling + koke. I prefer youth and potential, never been a fan of badstber, i feel hes just going to stay at his rating... however, i dont like smalling either but i like koke. tough one, but id rather have smalling and koke
  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... My eden hazard for gundogan, carvajal + cash. good deal for anyone, i feel hazard will be amazing this year though or would you rather do my eden hazard = de scigilio + carvajal + a little cash
  8. Re: 89 Midfield Risers? oscar! hes 90 but do what you can to get him.. or kevin de bryun, coutinho
  9. Re: Ter-Stegen SM hyped or genuine quality I think he is hyped
  10. Re: Messi's best Position? ive had messi for like 2 years. played him here there everywhere... seems as if he just cant score or do much in my set up no matter what! i even feel as though playing him makes my team do worse, when i dont play him my team plays a lot better. so im in a messi confusion... haha been trying to offload him for awhile
  11. Re: Zakaria Bakkali, Belgian Top Talent Hes been added
  12. Re: Gareth Bale i think if we see him go to real madrid 96 is easily possible. The threat of bale and ronaldo on the wings will be unstoppable. Two super fast dudes on the wings with so much talent. Real could easily then win the CL, League, etc. being on real madrid will also make it easier for bale to keep his constancy up.
  13. Re: Riferimento: Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...
  14. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Been offered my varane + verrati + 10 mil for Gareth bale. I have a deep squad. Love the youths though that he's asking me to give up. Thoughts? Is it worth it?
  15. whos the better bet for the season to grab right now?
  16. anyone know if hes still a keeper/will rise soon?
  17. Re: someone wants my verrati plus 5m for his... well im a huge fan of verrati so i wouldnt do it but otherwise it seems like a fair deal
  18. in need of promising young guns... low cost to buy, will most likely rise... and have future potential. any thoughts? as a person who watches soccer a good amount, having trouble finding them
  19. Re: Edinson Cavani based on him going to psg would you still try to buy him for balotelli + javi martinez, or is that a bad deal?
  20. is he set to rise again anytime soon? (i already have jordi alba, im just buying him purely from a value standpoint to earn me cash)
  21. is he worth keeping now with his team... ugh
  22. Re: Picking a DM verrati, nuff said
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