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  1. Re: isco plus 6m for my badstubber? do it right away
  2. pique for thiago silva? anyone think thats a good deal or would you just keep pique
  3. Re: Kroos or Fabregas what the heck game world are you in?!?! get busquets NOW
  4. Re: Kroos or Fabregas love this thread. Honestly, Fabregas is the easy obvious pick. Although, im such a huge fan of kroos. i think hes so underrated. Hes got a mature great game and hes young. Has one of the best distant shots in the game (if not the best) he will be a high level player one day very soon(in sm terms). As far as fabregas i think hes overrated. dont think his impact at barca is really all that amazing, but due to sm hype and real life team Fabregas is the option. I just love this thread because kroos is being mentioned with a big name player;)
  5. Re: Badstuber, Luiz or Vertonghen? luiz, 1 more year of maturing he will be dominant. whether at chelsea or if barcelona take him. versatile, big and tall
  6. Re: Which choice would you pick lewandowski + cash for mata? reus or kroos for falcon? haha sorry for the many questions. In my mind its hard to judge between these players because I feel they all have so much potential
  7. Re: Which choice would you pick would you guys rather have bale or mata?
  8. 1. kroos + little cash for bale or just keep kroos 2. Reus for bale or just keep reus 3. kroos for mata or keep kroos 4. reus for mata or just keep reus (obviously you can pick 2 choices that would include get bale and mata, etc)
  9. I love him as a defender. Will his rating continue to rise? next review +1? Its a stretch to say for sure right now, i realize that. But, if he continues his form right now would he rise?
  10. Re: Young DM poll who cares buy verrati hahaha
  11. yaya toure didnt rise????? why?! he's been one of the key players for man citys success!
  12. Re: The race to reach 90 - Who will win it? wait sorry, what did you say??
  13. Re: Alba and Di Maria for Ozil and Neymar looks good to me haha. neymar i think will be amazing one day and ozil will always be consistent
  14. Re: Emboaba Oscar potential rating let the records show oscar went up to 90. SHOCKER. (not)
  15. Re: Eden Hazard as a chelsea fan i can say he is good! HOWEVER, (emphisis needed there) he has a long way to go. He seems like he only plays great for maybe 5min in each half. I feel like he plays 10% to his ability. He is good, no doubt, but im not as impressed because I feel he is not giving everything he has. Once he does he will be good, great even! but however long that takes is the quesstion...
  16. Re: Emboaba Oscar potential rating I agree. This is just getting a little lame
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