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  1. Re: Emboaba Oscar potential rating So, if oscar is so bad why did he do so well at international? why does he do so well at chelsea? why does he do so well with brazil?.... I guess using the same reasoning as some forumers it has to be because all the defenders that play him are horrible:rolleyes:
  2. Re: Juan mata or Mario Gotze? I think in the long run that gotze will be better. however, right now i feel mata deserves a +2. absolutely been playing amazing and in comparison to how other players are rising I wouldnt doubt seeing that big of a jump. But, i do still think gotze will surpass him in peek rating
  3. Re: Emboaba Oscar potential rating why? please explain
  4. Re: Emboaba Oscar potential rating 88 -89 in the next review? are you serious?? how could he not get a 90? practically every player rated 87 is getting at the least a +2 for not even as impressive as a season as oscar. oscar will get a +3
  5. Re: Emboaba Oscar potential rating get him! will rise to 90 and can keep going up from there. plays great for chelsea and brazil, awesome talent. seems like next kaka
  6. Re: just got jetro willems... Im not a fan of him, others love him
  7. Re: Ozil for Gotze woooow. tough one in my opinion. Huge fan of ozil, think he could get a 95. but also a huge fan of gotze, who, and its hard for me to say this, i think will become better than ozil one day. I also dont think hes too far off at this point. So, i think I would keep gotze(to my own surprise), but I would do the trade for ozil + another rising star(isco, etc).
  8. Re: pedro for mata... ? mata all the way. in brilliant form right now
  9. Re: SELL: Shall i sell Xavì 1. You can buy a whole entirely new youth team with 87.9 mil. If you plan on being a long term in sm thats not a bad idea. Although, if you want to sell him make sure that their are plenty of great youthful players that you will be able to buy.(for instance I was with a team and sold most of the great players for cash and was able to buy awesome risers and a huge youth team. Therefore it was worth it.) 2. You could also try trading him for other players. Trading him for the likes of ozil + great youth. or cesc + youth. 3. If you have a team that has the potential to win the division league then keep him for the trophy, if you care about such things. As a Sm Manager who enjoys building my youth, I would lean more towards option 1 or option 2 if I get a great player to replace him.
  10. Re: Benzema, Higuain, Aguero Ive always loved higuain but im hearing higuain is the man to give up. Im curious, if ppl foresaw higuain moving to chelsea in the summer who would you then give up? would it still be higuain? or would it then be benzema? very hypothetical, but I dont think higuain and benzema will both stay at real madrid, one of them has to leave soon
  11. Re: Holy cow dortmund!!!!! Yeah, I'm happy about these changes so far, but skeptical as these ratings continue. I do think dortmund deserved these upgrades considering they were the best team in the bundesliga last year and have had excellent cl play. However, some players who I would of thought this new rating system would have given upgrades to just because it seems as though they just give away +2 willy nilly(really, I've seen more +2 from so many sub par player.. oscar better get a +3 or 4 haha) they didn't get any, i.e hulk/witsel, (unless I'm wrong and their team hasn't been reviewed yet haha)
  12. higuain, benzema, aguero. All are practically the same age, they are the same rating, pretty much same positioning. Out of these three which would you give up if you had to?
  13. Gotze +2 lewandowski +2 reus +2 Hummels +1 Piscesk +2 WOW! i can't believe it! soccer wiki must be 10x more generous!
  14. Re: What's the highest Marco Reus can rise to? I completely agree with this. Gotze should rise most def
  15. Re: Young players we already know about not oscar dos santos... i dont see Oscar from chelsea. In the beginning of this thread you did have munain rising to 91? nevermind im an idiot this thread was made awhile ago.
  16. Re: Young players we already know about Munain won't rise. and you don't have oscar(chelsea on this list). huge talent
  17. I have the ability to get gareth bale or chielini. 92 vs 94. I feel chielini is an amazing lb, but he won't rise anytime soon. Bale has potential. not sure what or if or when he will rise. Thoughts on who to buy? I care about value a great deal right now chielini is worth 28 mil and will drop to 24 mil if i buy him. Gareth is worth 23 and will stay 23. position doesn't matter, but what do people think about bale? I'm leaning towards him,( but have PLENTY of winger type players as a side note, not that position matters). Confused on my thoughts on this one, can anyone help?
  18. i have a feeling modric will drop...what are the chances and do you agree?
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