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  1. Re: Lewandowski and Isco/ Oscar for Reus? I wouldn't give away isco or oscar. but If you did lewandowski + someone else (idk who) or lewandowski + CASH. def worth it. reus is awesome
  2. Re: Lionel Messi - not that good Haven't read anything else in this thread previously but the original post. completely agree though, had messi in my one league and tried SO many tactics and what not to suit him and nothing worked for him and made him as good as he should be. Got him in another league and same thing is happening. Seems like only in some leagues he is effective. newer leagues seem to be better with messi
  3. Re: What should I keep? sell arbeloa also
  4. Re: help!!!! Do it! id rather have curtois personally. great goalkeeper
  5. Re: Forward 90+ no way will he rise
  6. Re: Forward 90+ wow... can't disagree with this anymore
  7. Re: Verratti or Draxler I haven't watched drawler play, but i have watched verrati and i think he amazing. He will be a top player one day. he plays his position very well and maturely for his age. I would get both if you could, but if not I would def get verrati, def will be taking a spot in his national team soon
  8. Will he rise? thought he was and now very unsure
  9. Re: 2012/13 Player Ratings!! Rising Moneymakers!! Badstuber. will he rise? I want reasons why he will/won't. i thought he was going to but i don't know right now
  10. Re: Markovic, Zaha, Labyad, Maher, Granit Xhaka or Koke what will zaha rise to?
  11. Re: Isco or Oscar i dont understand people saying oscar will only get a +1. he will at the least get a +2 if not a +3 isco +2 and in terms of SM oscars getting awesome playing time and national team time. he's amazing
  12. Re: 2012/13 Player Ratings!! Rising Moneymakers!! nahh I'm just saying around then and wondering if will take that long
  13. Re: 2012/13 Player Ratings!! Rising Moneymakers!! can someone give me an estimated date of when the epl ratings will take place? I'm hoping near the 25th am I right?
  14. Re: swap gervinhio and sulejmani for podolski??? I like gervinho and see potential in him. crazy good ball skills. I think he will have a good year soon, but thats a complete guess hahaha. podolski is a safe bet
  15. Re: worried on ya ya toure? sell?? swap?? ya ya toure?? what? he will rise
  16. Re: juan mata or di maria???? Juan Mata easily. The guys amazing. he's in incredible for, passings great, and is top scorer for his team in the epl even as an wing. everyone i think can see juan matas rating keep going up and up and up(to a certain extent;) hahaha) You can't go wrong with mata. won epl player of the month already this season and he's just doing awesome. get him
  17. Re: Alternative for Sneijder ????? I think Kroos is highly underrated. He's def 92 material. He another bastian schwein esque player. deserves a rise and will be a great german and munich player. get him while you can
  18. Topic was raised in another thread and I was under the impression Cavani would not rise. How many people think he will rise in the next rating change? Please use facts to back up your argument;)
  19. Re: Khedira + Varane in Cavani it all depends how many people think cavani will rise in the next changes? (actually I'm starting a poll thread for that question) if so than you have a 93 forward which is awesome. khedira is **** to me.
  20. Re: Khedira + Varane in Cavani thats way to optimistic
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