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  1. Re: Matija Nastasic Im not a part of this debate... but thats just stupid its a forum. but hey here ya go, "HA HA, very funny." oh and pardon my grammatical errors...
  2. Re: Julio Cesar actually he's kept them in so many games. I dot think he should drop imo, i think his skills are still really good. but sm will drop him
  3. Re: Messi 100? I agree and would make the rating system better. Messi is clearly the best so he's at 100. Ronaldo would follow and be at 99. Then Iniesta at 98. Then xavi, etc. Makes the upper bracket of talent better. Iniesta should rise, but i don't think he should be on the same skill level as ronaldo. Messi is clearly amazing i think him getting to 100 does make sense in many ways
  4. Re: Victor Moses/Romelu Lukaku? As a chelsea fan i wish lukaku wasn't on loan. if he wasn't on loan he would def be looking amazing right now, probably would be doing far better than torres. Ive seen some of his games this year and he's very impressive. i think he has huge potential. I fear he won't get much playing time with chelsea though because i wouldn't be surprised if chelsea sign a great forward in january (falcao). but lukaku is good. go for lukaku
  5. Re: Next Rb to hit 90? perhaps. he is getting consistent time though and playing well. His passing is actually pretty impressive
  6. Re: The race to reach 90 - Who will win it? Oscar will get a 90 and he thoroughly deserves it. congrats JMH_daggers on winning the race to reach 90;)
  7. Re: Next Rb to hit 90? azpicueleta playing well for chelsea. possibility of 90, but it'd be a gamble this rating change
  8. Re: Do you think i'll get many rises in this team? whoever said mata "small chance of 93" is wrong. BIG chance of 93
  9. Re: Barzagli, Bonucci or Ranocchia? bonucci is so good. I feel as though he's gonna get a +2
  10. Re: The race to reach 90 - Who will win it? Whoever picked oscar i predict wins haha. great pick
  11. how good is he? I've watched him and I'm not 100% convinced that he's a great rb. will he rise and whats his potential?
  12. Re: Nasri or sanchez sanchez sanchez sanchez... amazing for his country(watch the games) and great at barca during the games he plays in. nasri i don't see getting too much higher if at all
  13. Re: The race to reach 90 - Second Edition nick powell. 10k wildcarddd
  14. Re: What will my Squad's rating changes be? yaya toure WILL rise
  15. Re: Respuesta: Ratings of players why wouldnt they? if fabio coentrao got a +3 from 87 - 90 at BENIFICA oscar at chelsea AND playing for brazil clearly deserve it as well. i have no doubts oscar will get to 90
  16. Re: Ratings of players have you watched every game he has played in? id doubt that...
  17. Re: The highest rated players Messi - 100 ronaldo -99 iniesta -98 xavi - 97 to say ronaldo is as good as messi is a crime. to say that ronaldo is as good as iniesta is a crime. I say just give messi the untouchable 100. I have a feeling this whole threads going to turn into "whose better- ronaldo or messi?" I'm just gonna say its clear messi is better and at this point he should be a point higher. When ratings are this high it should be considered "untouchable" because it should be much higher to achieve that level - even a xavi level or 96 level. just my opinion
  18. Re: Ratings of players oscar will get a 90
  19. Re: 8 or 89 rated players that can play on the wing there is no doubt in my mind that oscar will not get a 90.
  20. Re: Should i swap vidic for hummels? Do it. I traded my rooney for hummels. getting a top class cb is rare and he's one for the future (and now)
  21. Re: Predict the ratings and who to sell sell modric oscar +3
  22. I have some thoughts and opinions on risers and was wondering if anyone agreed with them 1. Pique should be a 96 defender. In my mind he's the best defender in the world and should be rated as such 2. Ramos is also a great defender and if dani alves is a 95 ramos should be a 95. not just saying he should rise in comparison to other players, but he's an amazing rb for spain and real madrid 3. Reus +2 and alba +2 both playing great and are being very immersive for their teams and country. Many people just think reus +1 but i think he deserves a +2. really talented 4. rooney -1 hes not a 95 rated player and hasn't preformed like one for quite awhile 5 what do ppl think about marcelo rising? feel free to argue and complain and debate
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