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  1. Re: Who of these could become 90+ players in the near future... A lot of them... but varanes an easy one. lukaku i think will be brilliant for chelsea later than also
  2. Re: My Arsenal team, who will rise and who will drop yanga +1 also, so someone write "reus +2" anyone thinking thats a possibility?? i was actually thinking a plus 2 for him as well, but we will see what sm does
  3. Re: Riferimento: xavi deal seriously? is this a joke? no thats a horrible deal for xavi!!! you can get WAY more besides those two and 6 mil. get better player(s) for xavi
  4. Re: Mascherano rise? no... minutes doesn't equal talent. if it wasn't for so many barca injuries i doubt he would be playing as much this season. mascherano is just not a 94 player. 93 is fair
  5. Re: Juan Mata possible rise? no... reword your title to: juan mata DEFINITE rise.
  6. Re: Modric for Isco & Mata do it NOW. hahaha thats an amazing offer!
  7. Re: Valencia or ivanovic I feel ivanvic could be a 94 one day... good rb can only think of a few better than him. valencia is key for man u, not confident on what to place his potential at, any more opinions?
  8. position doesn't matter, just potential for rising and max potential matter. price doesn't matter. argue, debate, decide...
  9. Re: luis suarez rising?? in my mind suarez should get a rise but doubt it this time around. imo being a avid watcher of premier league games i would compare him to aguero, but with less play makers around him. he's very good and i believe would thrive in a club like real madrid. i think he's a 94 type forward. but don't know if he will rise due to livepools start. but i will just gamble and say +1 for suarez
  10. Re: Balotelli or Lewandowski i think balo will rise
  11. Re: Falcao And Higuain higuain is a great forward! do not know why ppl are dissing him... he's a great finisher!
  12. Re: Who has most potential? Verrati is one of my favorite young players to watch. And he's playing just a dm position. He's really good. Expect to see him play in the upcoming World Cup. He's a special player
  13. Re: Stadium Building I asked for this to happen and its cool that it seems to come true. My club i have brought to d1 from d2 is norwich city. is my club "too big"(even though its really small and i lose like 500 thousand + for games in wages) for this change to affect me?
  14. Re: Cesc Fabregas some are saying he should be cm/fwd or cm/cf. shouldnt no matter what be am/ something. cause he's clearly an am
  15. Re: Cesc Fabregas To compare two players of two different positions to each other to me is stupid. Right now busquets is playing dm and cb. why would we compare him to cesc? oh right their both spanish and play on the same team... its like saying i don't think aguero should rise because to do that is to suggest he is as good as pique and thats just not right. it doesn't add up.
  16. So I've seen over some forums I've read about that they think julio cesar will go down. I actually have become a big fan of him. I watch a ton of premier league games and loved when qpr would play teams cause it meant lots of goals, but cesar is a great keeper! if anyone watched him against arsenal he saved their butts so many times. his save when his player almost scored an own goal was amazing! i know he's at a smaller club but he still at in a big league and playing at a high level in my opinion a 92 level. anyone agree?
  17. Re: Gundogan or Oscar? this question is easy. Oscar. His performances at chelsea are being seen and he's playing with maturity and greatness. His passes are awesome! he's scoring at some points. he's getting starts. his rating possibilities have great potential to go up and up and up. not saying they will. i do think a +3 may happen. yes, ppl will argue this but i watch practically every game and he really is amazing. he's benching lampard at times. He's just amazing. Im a huge oscar fan and will say he def will get a good rise. +1 for oscar is out of the question, it will be higher. so if you want a good rise player oscar is your man. and he's cheep.
  18. Re: Jordi alba I say plus 2 if pato got it i think alba could
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