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  1. Re: Next review risers anyone? anyone?
  2. Re: Badstuber i think he will rise
  3. Re: Next review risers you just have him on an sm squad probably... haha
  4. Re: Next review risers andre schurrle +1 anyone think so?
  5. Re: pirlo for nasri YES. if building a squad for the future getting nasri would be ideal and better
  6. Re: Next review risers nueur won't rise...
  7. Re: mikel opinion? he will stay. good though
  8. Re: Gary Cahill I personally really like cahill i thnk he's a great cb and he's good in the air and scores goals. he's a typical, good cb. i like him a lot and with this probably being terrys last year who knows. but he will rise
  9. Re: 2012/13 Player Ratings!! Rising Moneymakers!! bonucci +1 or do ppl think +2... he's a very impressive cb to me
  10. Re: BIG NAMES - Rating Changes what? seriously.... you will be proved wrong when he gets a plus 2 or 3. haha starts for chelsea... starts for brazil... scores during champions league matches... gets starts over lampard now... has 395 minutes already for chelsea. the facts are big. A +2 or 3 is warranted.
  11. Re: Respuesta: Which players will rise? Thanks i disagree. badstuber i think will rise next rating change so will luis. but badstuber will get 92 first.
  12. Re: Please who will rise and who will drop so munain... bought him on hype and now everyone is hating on him. should i sell him while he still has worth or will a plus 1 be in his future within the year?
  13. Re: BIG NAMES - Rating Changes oscar not +1 at least +2... i think +3 also, not conviced muller will get a +1 this rating change
  14. Re: Which players will rise? Thanks I also feel pique should rise. best cb in the world (arguably). key to spains incredible defense and backbone to barcelonas. don't think nueur will rise
  15. Re: Which players will rise? Thanks sanchez will rise also
  16. Re: oscar...wing or AM? oscar plays the am position for chelsea all the time now, but he won't lose his winger position. but yeah, SNAP HIM UP. haha. kids amazing and his value will greatly increase in the upcoming review
  17. Re: oscar...wing or AM? I would have to agree with you on this. i have been reading different forums where herpes has been arguing in. Herpes, you may consider yourself to be "constructive" but however you are not. if anything you just turn ppl off to reading the forum with your pointless chatter. all you are trying to do, imo, is try to speak "intellectually". Im sure many ppl on this forum are very smart (obviously like yourself) the thing is they don't care. Im getting my mechanical engineering degree, however, I'm not going to flaunt that knowledge on this forum. I'm just gonna write my opinion not caring about my grammar. You need to stop acting like an intellectual for the sake of just looking like one, because instead you are looking like an annoying idiot. No offense, its just what your looking like. Im sure you'll argue with this post i write but Im not going to retaliate, your pointless forum fighting is dumb and ruins threads. such as this one about oscar. Also, i agree with TEE you do believe your a "football god" however, no one believes you are so you just look very pompous.
  18. Re: Ratings top leagues nueur no. hart +1
  19. Re: Ratings top leagues i don't think he's a def riser imo
  20. Re: 2012/13 Player Ratings!! Rising Moneymakers!! without a doubt... no one deserves a rise to 93 more than him imo
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