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  1. Re: FANTASY Draft League (FDL) Haiz the external clubs doesnt seem to be bidding... Then i have no money to bid then one idiot in my other gameworld bought schmelzer,cissokho and clichy all at once and he has horded 6 first team left backs -.- hope many of them don't get their playing time and force their way out
  2. Re: FANTASY Draft League (FDL) A few days ago when i transfer listed some players, external clubs will come to bid for him. But now as i moved into season 2 the clubs aren't bidding anymore. Must i wait till the first round of the season has started then they will come in with their bids?
  3. Re: FANTASY Draft League (FDL) the stupid chairman expectation doesn't need to be met right? in my other game world that chairman expect me to get promoted -.-
  4. Re: FANTASY Draft League 2 wins and 1 draw in the last three games have gave Chelsea an unexpected finish in the season And Gameiro claims top assist in division one And also,congrats to City for claiming the title with a final day victory over title rivals
  5. Re: FANTASY Draft League Hope Gameiro can get the most assists with one game to go ...
  6. Re: FANTASY Draft League After the Sunderland game last night i have to say the engine is really realistic He passes well,dribbles well, and his movements were all solid, do everything right, but just fails to score, just like in my team he gets an average of 7+ ratings and just can't score -.-
  7. Re: FANTASY Draft League I think its safe for me to say that Chelsea has avoided relegation Hits of my season: Yoann Gourcuff : His early goal scoring exploits managed to keep Chelsea away from the relegation zone despite a lengthy winless run. Kevin Gameiro : Scored 2 goals and chipped in with 10 assists. Miss of my season: Fernando Torres : As much as i hate to say it, my favourite player is the most disappointing player in my squad. Just 2 goals and 2 assists in 16 starts is not what you will expect from a 50m man.
  8. Re: FANTASY Draft League Really lucky to get a point from bayern Last 3 games v Manchester Utd (H) v Real Madrid (A) v Milan (H) hope to get at least one win from these 3 and escape relegation...
  9. Re: FANTASY Draft League Lose my next match and relegation zone here i come. And unfortunately the next game is against the mighty Bayern
  10. Re: FANTASY Draft League Two straight defeats in a row and Chelsea are in real danger of relegation :(
  11. Re: FANTASY Draft League Very happy with my 3 youth picks:D
  12. Re: FDL Draft picks + Teams + Reports/News etc. Chelsea Football Club Draft Pick Goalkeeper(s) 01.Rui Patricio 20.Ralf Fahrmann Centre Back(s) 02.Mats Hummels 03.Cristian Zapata 04.Joao Miranda 05.Pereira Maicon Full Back(s) 06.Marcel Schmelzer 07.Rafael Da Silva 08.Fabio Da Silva 19.Mario Gaspar Centre Midfielder(s) 09.Bastian Schweisteiger 10.Luka Modric 11.Yoann Gourcuff 12.Aaron Ramsey 21.Kevin Strootman 22.Esteban Granero Winger(s) 13.Santi Cazorla 14.Ashley Young 15.Lewis Holtby 16.Mauro Zarate Forward(s) 17.Fernando Torres (Captain) 18.Kevin Gameiro
  13. Re: FANTASY Draft League You should know who i am SM Name-Leeminho Club preferred-Chelsea
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