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  1. Re: Football Manager 2012 Anyone still playing fm12 or just waiting for 13? I tried completing the English hero quest. But btw i brought halifax fc to epl i didnt get the achievement. Quite wasted.
  2. Re: My Youth team I sadly only can keep one. So ter stegen? I want to trade leno away for him.
  3. Re: My Youth team THanks for all the help. Really appreciate it. After they rise i shd still keep them? What do u think abt Ter stegen and leno. Which one has more potential
  4. Re: My Youth team Thanks for ur reply! Any more suggestions? Need to offload some
  5. Re: Official 2011 Formula 1 Thread Lewis move will cause a few interesting moves for next season. Wonder who is Sauber getting. Hoping for a few new drivers in the grid next season. And looking forward to Qualifying tmr!
  6. Re: My Youth team I also might need help with this ppl. Thanks a lot! In another of my div 5 team. Really appreciate the help SINCLAIR, Jerome SHAW, Luke STENGEL, Herman NIYAZ, Recep GNABRY, Serge STERLING, Raheem SMITH, Cammy ANDRADE, Victor DONGOU, Jean Marie BRANESCU, Laurentiu MARQUINHOS, Aoas PRESTIA, Giuseppe BRISEÑO, Antonio CAN, Emre WEISER, Mitchell CROUX, Jordy SELNAES, Ole SUSO, Fernández PIAZÓN, Lucas DEULOFEU, Gerard BENZIA, Yassine FIERRO, Carlos EZEKIEL, Imoh STREBINGER, Richard DAVIES, Ben HAJROVIC,
  7. Hey guys i am new here. I just need some help with my youth team. Currently using Luton Town in div 5 and i lack to funds to buy super stars so i am building on my youth. Suggestions are welcome. Should i keep or sell them LENO, Bernd KAPINO, Stefanos BUTLAND, Jack DELLE, Joris HORN, Timo KARIUS, Loris GAZZANIGA, Paulo GRIMALDO, Alejandro DIGNE, Lucas ROBINSON, Jack DAVIES, Ben VRSALJKO, Šime VAN RHIJN, Ricardo AZPILICUETA, César BYRAM, Sam UMTITI, Samuel ZOUMA, Kurt WISDOM, Andre MARTÍNEZ, Iñigo NASTASIC, Matija VESTERGAARD, Jannik
  8. Re: English Championship 8000 - Discussion Thread Hi guys i just joined Macclesfield Town Good league btw!
  9. Re: The Possibilities - Ratings, Potential, Sell? I dont knw afew of them but i hope its helps. This are mostly the youngsters i have. But u missed out afew good growers
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