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    EC200 Treble / GC2 SMFA Champ Cup .. Plus many others.
  1. Razza

    Stood down for good

    Re: Stood down for good Just for the record from now on, I will be going back to my 'Raz' account. Thanks again to Darsh, Kev, Bobo XXXXXX lol
  2. Razza

    Stood down for good

    Re: Stood down for good thanks a lot everybody. all the very pleasing positive responses give me even more of a reason to stay and annoy you all, all day
  3. Razza

    Stood down for good

    Re: Stood down for good Thanks a lot Leigh. Keep up the brilliant work you put into SM Predict, the forum members should be delighted with all the work everyone puts in to keeping the forum a great, clean place.
  4. Razza

    Stood down for good

    Hi all, suppose most of you have noticed I am not forum admin anymore and have stood down for good. The reason being I just dont have time anymore. I wish all the current forum mods the best, theyve done and are doing a great job and dont get the credit they deserve. I hope my time as forum mod was a good one and I hope that I contributed well, and helped as many of you as I could. I will continue to use the forum as much as possible in the future though, I can't stay away that easily Raz
  5. Re: help wit tactics? Hi Mulhern. I would play the following formation, one of which im a good fan of, and have had good success with a Liverpool team similar before hand: Formation: 3-5-2 G- Reina ---------- 2 - CB/RB - Finnan 3 - CB/LB - Agger 4 - CB - Carragher ---------- 5 - DM - Mascherano ---------- 6 - CM/DM - Alonso 8 - CM/RM - Gerrard 7 - RM/W - Joaquin (if bought, if not Babel) 11 - LM/W - Riise --------- 9 - F/CF - Torres 10 - F/CF - Kuyt People do portray this as a defensive formation but can work very well as attacking aswell, as you have the extra man in midfi
  6. Re: Opera (Browser) The only answer I could think of, off the top of my wooden block Is that the site isnt designed or the code written to specifically work with Opera, although if it turns out that plenty of people are using Opera (I never have personally as Ive never had any major problems with Firefox and I just use Firefox for 99% of browsing) then it should be something SM should consider looking into, surely? The more browsers SM is compatible with the better I would of thought.
  7. Re: SM Predict - Season 3 - Week 14 umm, just gone through this weeks SM predict thread and my scores have dissapeared? I definitely did them, I wrote them the day the fixtures were put up for prediction as normal..? They were: Ipswich Town 2 v 0 Barnsley Staines Town 1 v 2 Peterborough Institute 0 v 3 Linfield Chelsea 1 v 0 West Ham United Motherwell 3 v 0 Gretna Caerfyrddin 1 v 2 Porthmadog Central Coast Mariners 1 v 2 Sydney FC Wisbech 0 v 2 Ipswich Wanderers (ESB)
  8. Re: SM Honor's List I will try and sort a list out for exact teams, but ever since i started ive kept a word document with every league/shield/cup etc that ive won. GC2 - Barcelona - SMFA Champs Cup WINNER ------ WC's - 58 League titles - 37 promotions - 28 Cups - 12 Shields Eng C's - 40 League titles - 20 promotions - 32 Cups - 28 Shields Euro C's - 8 League titles - 3 promotions - 2 Cups - 1 Shield Custom C's - 39 League titles - 6 promotions - 17 Cups - 6 Shields
  9. Re: Happy Birthday Sparky Many happy returns of the day Sparky.. Hopefully you'll decide to return to the game and the forum soon. Why has Havoc left?
  10. Re: Soccermanager PLEASE take note they "Make me strange" as shakespeare said. i can't believe that some people are willing to pay for all these gold accounts JUST to cheat I don't believe it, im with sonofpluto on this one. good post aswell though leigh, its rediculous get them out! i certainly wouldnt like to pay all that money for those accounts just to run the risk of getting banned..
  11. Re: Small private elite league 1 Congrats to Neller JR for equalling my impressive 4 division 1 titles on the bounce. Also congrats to Teb for finishing 2nd this season. Good luck for next year Neller, lets see if you can go one better than my record, ill do me best to stop it
  12. Re: Raz's Forum CHAMPIONS! Reports/Transfers Raz Marches On! -------------------- Milan go 4pts clear of division 1 in the same week as they reach the cup final. Milan will face George's Barcelona in what will be a fascinating final. Raz's Milan have really hit some form of late after winning the division 1 title in the first season, only to get relegated in season 2. A good kick up the backside from Raz got the players morale and determination running sky high as they just scraped promotion back to the top flight. Now in season 3, Milan are flying and are hopeful of winning a historic dou
  13. Re: MLSetup... Raz mops up ANOTHER championship with LYON yes LYON. Like in Havoc's On The Pitch.. can ANYBODY break the trend?
  14. Re: On The Pitch Match Reports/Transfer News ANOTHER Division 1 title in On The Pitch for Raz's Manchester United. Can anyone break the trend?.... find out next season.
  15. Re: Raz's Forum CHAMPIONS! Reports/Transfers LYON (DIV1) ARE STILL AVAILABLE!! ANY FORUMER WITH AN ACCOUNT WITH A REP OF 45+ CAN NOW APPLY FOR THE VACANCY. I have taken the password off the setup now, and really want a forumer to take charge of Lyon, if they dont get took within the next 48 hours I will open the setup up for a lucky manager from the public to take charge. So this is the last chance to get your hands on a club in Raz's Forum Champions!
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