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  1. Hey fellow players, Was looking for a huge favour .............. Me and my fiancee just got into the top 10 of a £14,500 wedding competition and would love your votes to try help us get into the top 3 when the voting closes this friday (8th) at 2pm. All you have to do is click on this link below and vote by e-mail select "couple 6" Sean & Lauren, it's free to do so and would help us out massively, Just takes a minute to do. You can also vote with multiple e-mail addresses just not the same one. Thank you guys for any votes and support you can give us, It's very much appreciated. Sean. http://www.westsoundradio.com/winyourwedding/wedding-competition-voting/
  2. Hello all, I recently took over Fiorentina in a gold championship When I checked the calender I noticed that for the whole season every single sunday and wednesday has a friendly match arranged in it??? I don't want these games so is there any way to delete all these games in one or do I have to go through them individually to delete them all? When I click on the friendly match for details it says the friendly was arranged by me ????? Thanks for any help given Sean.
  3. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) Have to agree, the player concerns is a joke !!! Ive just started with Chelsea and im about 7-8 games into the season, already Meireles, Malouda and Alax have level 1 concerns about lack of games even tho Meireles and Malouda are never going to start ahead of Essien, Lampard or Mata and Alex isnt going to start before Terry, Luiz or Sakho. So now im going to be FORCED to sell them when I dont want to (these players have already played in 4-5 cup games) because there concern will NEVER go down only UP or im forced to play them, drop my best players and lose ....... Its totally stupid.
  4. Scott parker Scott Parker deserves higher than 89 He was the Premiership'splayer of the year last year and has always been consistantly good !!!!!!!
  5. I played a game last night in the semi final of the cup with my Fiorentina team against Napoli and I lost on penalties 4-3 after the game finishing 0-0 which I can accept. Then I looked at the match stats and this is what i cant accept: They were down to 10 men after 30mins so i had a man advantage for 70mins (okay that happens) but then i looked at other stats like I had 15 shots with 13 on target and Napoli had 7 shots with ZERO on target and to make matters worse my GOALKEEPER got MAN OF THE MATCH ????????? How can this possibly work out? It CANT!!!! Ive just left all my clubs and will maybe try SM again in a couple of months when they can make it realistic. Anyone else had something this stupid happen to them???
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