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    arsenalfcjun got a reaction from -JMH- in Guess at next leagues to be reviewed, & discuss SM's review policy........   
    Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed, & discuss SM's review policy........
    You guys might laugh at me, but here is what I think from what I've seen.
    I think SM will continue to review nation by nation (no changes), but lesser number of clubs per day and also focus of some of the players from other random leagues by demand.
    For example, they used to do 4-5 clubs per day (if I remember correctly). Now maybe they'll do 2-3 clubs + high demand players to keep the rating more up-to-date across all the leagues.
    Though this won't really explain some of the REALLY RANDOM African risers recently (maybe lots of African users submitted the change? who knows), it might explain Cornelius and Milik rise in the middle of French and Italian top flight review.
    If it is, then I would be quite pleased... For example, I remember I had to wait FOREVER for Mateo Kovacic (Dinamo Zagreb) to rise. If what I theorize is true then Kovacic would've been updated much earlier before the Croatian league review.
    I do hope, however, they bring back the league review announcements back.
    Just throwing it out there guys.
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    arsenalfcjun got a reaction from tonycolgrave in Need some rising defenders!   
    Re: Need some rising defenders!
    I will try my best to help out...
    I'm sure there are more, but these are the ones I could remember from top of my head
    Nicolai BOILESEN - LB/CB - 77
    Aymen ABDENNOUR - LB/LM - 80
    Diego CONTENTO - LB/LM - 84
    Stefan DE VRIJ -RB/CB - 83
    Julian KOCH - RB/DM - 83
    Sime VRSALKO - RB/RM - 84
    Raphael VARANE - CB/DM - 85
    Stefan SAVIC - CB/RB - 83
    Joel MATIP - DM/CB - 86
    Nicolas N'KOULOU - DM/CB - 87
    Kyriakos PAPADOPOULOS - CB/DM - 85
    Eliaquim MANGALA - DM/DEF - 87
    If GKs is part of definition of defenders... then I personally like
    Ali AHAMADA - 80
    Colin COOSEMANS - 78
    Marc-Andre TER STEGEN - 78
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    arsenalfcjun got a reaction from Dermo in NEWSPAPER feature improvement.   
    Hello all!
    I had been playing SM for a while but I had no idea there was a forum... hence my first post here!
    Anyway, I believe the NEWSPAPER feature has terrific potential. You can use it to do many things, announce transfer listed personnel, loan-list personnel, or you can use it to bash your friend after beating him/her 3-0 in their own stadium and more.
    But I think it is very under-used (or is it just my GW?). And I have a simple idea (maybe not well thought-out).
    I think newspaper articles should be "stickied" somewhere in the "overview" interface, like how it is done in the forum. It should "stick" for a certain period of time, say for example, 7 days.
    Right now, newspaper articles simply get buried under many, many, sometimes irrelevant GW news. Not every manager logs in every day and if they log in every 3-4 days for example, he/she will never see the newspaper article you briefly wrote.
    Now, of course there will be spammers so why don't we limit the number of articles you can have "outstanding" or "stickied" to 3 at once?
    If done right, I think this can feel like a brand new feature in SM, help promote transfers + loans amongst human-controlled teams, along with newly-installed chat system.
    But the downside of the chat system is that two parties have to be online at the same time in order to communicate. And the downside of Private Messaging is that there is no way to "mass" communicate, only 1 vs. 1.
    Thoughts? Criticisms? no bashing please lol.
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