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  1. Re: Performance Changes Many reasons for games taking 3 hrs but the large number of setups should not feature among them. Just last 'season', games would take anything from 30 to 45 minutes. It follows that if you increase setups, game enjoyment (for some) should not be sacrificed. As a matter of fact, no game feature should be sacrificed for another- unless very necessary.
  2. Three things: Add a feature for viewing any particular player's ratings-change history. Let managers view the player's trend in rating-changes to know what they are buying. Secondly, Score Centre is a TOTAL WASTE OF TIME and SPACE- remove it. I don't see what it does or shows that the match-report doesn't. Finally, games TAKE TOO LONG- 3 hrs?! Seriously, it's not like snails are playing or something! Get serious SM
  3. If you are looming for highly rated players to take on loan for whatever reason, look no further that CSKA Moskva. There a few I'll let go for an entire season. I hope someone reads this qiuckly
  4. Re: EPL v Serie A v La Liga To make this comparison paint the real picture, you MUST factor in the following: How far the teams went in the champions league, how many trophies did they win, how many teams (from a particular country) were present in the knock-out stages and, crucially, what was their domestic form like? i.e did they, unlike other teams, have nothing else to worry about except the Champion's league?- meaning they are fresher and more focused. Goals scored should NEVER be considered- they are greatly circumstancial. Finally, the season you chose to start getting statistics fro
  5. We all are well aware that Andrea Pirlo is a playmaker (if not the main one) in the AC Milan setup. However, anyone who has watched Milan or Italy play, realises that Pirlo plays close to the defence- in the DM position and yet he is a CM. My question is, in formations like 4-1-4-1 or 4-1-3-2, etc., can a CM play in the position closest to the defence and perform?
  6. Re: 4-1-3-2/4-3-1-2 Stick to the 4-1-3-2. The only thing you must do to get goals is assign the player in the DM position as the playmaker- your team would even play better if *that* player was good e.g Alonso. Another thing you might consider is moving to hard tackling- I don't expect good players to get booked often. The rest of your team-style is fine: through the middle and counter-attack (crucial). Don't use target-man but using play-maker might be advantageous- unless your opponent tight marks him out of the game
  7. Re: English Championship 301 Finally! Someone from my setup has started a thread such as this BUT where is the follow up?!
  8. Re: Is there any young CF's out there?! Check out the football news of the past week. There are a couple of young strikers that Man U, Chelski, Barça and Arsenal are after. I'm sorry their names just slipped my mind... and, BTW, I know you said Krkic has already been snapped up BUT he is worth all the money he goes for- and more, much more. Even Eto'o believes he can out-shine Messi
  9. Re: What is wrong? While you are at it what do you guys think of 4-1-4-1 versus 4-2-3-1, all other factors remaining constant? i.e I have the players to suit both formations but I want to know which you people think is the best for an average squad. Ps: Once again I kindly ask anyone who replies here to stay away from anything but what I have asked for- which is help.
  10. Re: What is wrong? That's why I bought the 88 striker- I expect him to increase in ratings but that will be towards the end of the season. I only hope I can survive the drop and use him next season- after his improvement. My issue only lies in surviving the drop
  11. I manage West Bromwich Albion and would like serious tactical help to save my team from the drop. My first team's average rating is 87 with only 2 strikers of rating 86 and 88. My shortage of strikers led me to play one striker in a 4-1-4-1 formation. When I play teams with ratings above 91, my players average a performance 6. If the teams are below a rating of 90, my players average between 7 and 9. Now, my reason for starting this thread is because I can't figure out why my team usually has (in 80% of the games) above 55 percent of possession, above 10 shots on goal (on average) and, also o
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