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  1. everyone in the Argentina squad worships Messi, they all love him (the fans don't, but that's a classist and xenophobic issue) but they're mentally soft. Higuain has a weaker mentality than Eder. imagine if Eder had Higuain's talent? he'd be a world-conqueror. football is definitely a team sport, and no one has benefited more from the excellence of team-mates than Cristiano Ronaldo. anyway Pepe +2 to 94 Godin +1 to 95 Piqué +1 to 95 Gimenez +2 to 92 Victor Ruiz +1 to 90 por favor #JusticeForLaLigaCentreBacks
  2. Cristiano had a pretty poor tournament in terms of performances on the pitch. he played well once (vs. Hungary) tho he scored a lovely goal against Wales and was a great leader in the shootout vs. Poland. he got carried by his team-mates to the trophy. funny how Eder can step up and fire Portugal to victory but even with a multitude of better chances (mostly crafted by Messi) Higuain and Aguero have failed THREE SUMMERS IN A ROW. if only Messi's team-mates had the guts that Cristiano's did, eh? anyway; Cristiano can't drop now. he's just won a major trophy. should drop sometime next season
  3. here's a question: whatever happened to the penalties for playing people out of position? an opponent of mine played 3-3-1-3 against me in the Cup today. he had Cristiano and Hazard as RCM and LCM. he won 4-3. he also routinely plays Marcelo in a back 3 to no penalty. now, I mean... HOW? does the orange status just not mean anything? because how on earth can someone get away with a team like that?
  4. good on Messi. the Argentina fans don't deserve him and the AFA deserve him even less. they're so corrupt they make FIFA look righteous. he'll have no problem maintaining his 99 rating because he is still by far and away the best player in the world. Bale will get a +1 after the Euros. he's led Wales to the QF. Wales! of course it's outrageous he doesn't have 95 already, but yeah, he'll get it after the Euros SURELY? Piqué showing how ridiculous his 94 is. flawless performance all Euros despite Ramos playing terribly. deserves a +1 to 95 unquestionably. Alba 93? come on. COME ON.
  5. what did I tell you? absolute joke. win a Copa del Rey and two CL's in three seasons... apparently that's worth the same as one PL Title where most of your goals were penalties and then possibly the worst season by a supposedly world-class attacking player in recent memory. hmmm. ok. makes sense. After Modric, Keylor Navas was basically Real Madrid's best player all season. so he's rated below Joe Hart. hmmm. ok. oh and hey win a TREBLE followed by a DOUBLE (which only 3 sides in major Euro league history have done)? nah, you don't deserve a rise unless you scored 59 goals,
  6. what did I tell you? only two members of the best defensive unit in the world got rises, and those were both +1 (Oblak deserved a +2). Godín? ignored Juanfran? ignored Giménez? ignored Gabi? ignored JOKES. (very pleased for Koke though he's quite wonderful) I'm telling you guys, only Suárez is gonna get a +1 for Barcelona, maybe Munir as well. they won't touch Piqué, Alba and Busquets even though god knows they deserve it for consistently standing out among their peers in terms of success. and since 0 trophies seem to be the logic behind the Atléti boys not rising (a rid
  7. Godín didn't win anything. no way he gets 95. Piqué's won 7/9 possible trophies since he got knocked down to 94. he won't get 95 either. I've lost all faith in SM and SW. but hey, just for fun, one more time before they burden us with their nonsense... Suárez +1 to 97 (second best goalscorer in the world, best #9 in the world, hugely decisive season) Neymar +1 to 97 (second best player in the world, absurdly rounded talent with a massive influence on the way Barcelona play - carried the side in Messi's injury absence - was immense in the Copa Final and has the most chances cre
  8. no chance. look, you know how I think Barcelona, Atléti and Madrid SHOULD be rated. I've posted that enough. I just don't think they WILL be rated that way.
  9. Banega is fine. Krychowiak is a bit of a stretch given his injury meant he sat out a bunch of the season but hey, 3 EL's in a row. let's see how they mangled Atléti and Barcelona, eh? predictions: Oblak+1 Griezmann+1 Keylor+1 Casemiro+1 Modric+1 Bale+1 Benzema+1 Suárez+1 that's it. I've lost all faith in them to do anything even approaching justice to two of the best three sides in the world. maybe I'm being pessimistic, and I hope they prove me wrong, but I just can't see it. I mean, can you?
  10. Mustafi +1 makes no sense given how godawful Valencia have been all season. yes, he personally has been good, but...nah I don't get it. if he deserved a +1 then so did Smalling and Blind, who kept the best defensive record in the PL. after a rough couple months adapting Blind even began mugging off big name forwards with ease. very very strange. and yeah it makes a +1 for Laporte a certainty now. and Giménez must surely get a +2 considering he has been A) better than Mustafi and more successful.
  11. absolute joke of a decision. he's been amazing all season. should have been a +2 guaranteed.
  12. they're the least impressive CL winners since Steaua or PSV in the 80's. utter garbage as a team. a million miles from the 2014 side. but S04 knows this. he's clearly just fed up of this debate so he's trolling so we get fed up and move on.
  13. very good. could get a +1 to 90, but that would be generous.
  14. more successful? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that's some quality trolling, mate.
  15. Thomas Muller is a superb user of space, yes. I'm a big fan. but you can only be a player like him if you play alongside those who use the ball excellently, otherwise you have no one for him to be a shadow of. that video is great, it's PURE Guardiola. full of examples of the counterpressing and movement Pedro used to do at Barcelona and Muller at Bayern. Muller is, in essence, a world-class version of Pedro. I wonder who will fill that role at City? hmmm. as for your last point: sorry, but no. a goalscorer alone should not get the maximum rating on the game of 99 (especially given he rarel
  16. Savic didn't play enough. 90 is fine. Partey and Correa should both get +2's, but I suspect they will get +1's and that's if they're lucky.
  17. I would absolutely be up for dropping Aguero. like I said in the La Liga thread, Benzema isn't a 95-level striker, but he's as good as Aguero, so what do you do? you either raise him and devalue 95, or you drop Aguero down to 94 where he belongs (I mean, he scores loads of goals but he's never done it in a big European game and is regularly useless for Argentina).
  18. he should have never gotten it, tbh. he was a dynamic talent but it was his first genuinely class season bar perhaps his last one in Ligue 1. a 94 would have been fair, he didn't need that final +1 at all especially as he was so incredibly bad against PSG as Chelsea limped out of the CL. but having gotten it he absolutely should have lost it because he's been garbage this season. I agree 93 would be fair but even allowing for young player and PL stud player biases, no chance he should be 95 still. 94, max.
  19. in the non-goalscoring aspects of his game, yes. absolutely. the fact is, however, he scores goals. he scores so many goals and does it so consistently that there is only one player in the whole planet I would rate above him right now. and that is Lionel Messi. who both scores goals and does SO MUCH MORE for his team. he's the orchestrating #10, the dribbling winger and the lethal forward all in one. #Cristiano98Messi99PorFavor
  20. personally I think Vardy was the least impressive of Leicester's Big Three but I also think Mahrez was by far the MOST impressive. so given they only bumped Kante to 90, I'm not too upset about Vardy going 90 while Mahrez gets 91. though really all of them should have been 91. like Hoggzeh pointed out: this is a very good point.
  21. exactly. it's like this: if you stuck a chip in their heads so that every single shot they ever took would go 1 yard wide of the posts or over the bar, out for a goal-kick, what would you have? Cristiano would be a slightly above average winger (basically Ricardo Quaresma or Nani), and Messi would be the greatest playmaker in the world with peerless dribbling. Cristiano is a goalscorer, Messi is a goalscorer AND SO MUCH MORE. in fact I would argue goalscoring is one of his least impressive skills. his dribbling, passing and positioning are all superior and he radiates serenity to his t
  22. the thing with Piqué and Godín is that there are clearly four CB's in the world that stand out above the rest in terms of both quality and success (Godín, Piqué, Ramos and Thiago Silva). now there are heirarchies inbetween that foursome, for sure, with Godín at the top of that - but at the minimum they should all be rated 95 above everyone else. no way Piqué should be on the same level as Boateng given 1. how well Piqué plays, 2. how little help he has and 3. what he's won. (also Bonucci and Alaba both should have got +1's to 94) Cristiano is amazing and while I recognise his enormous
  23. but since you asked for it and I'm bored... Cristiano -1 to 98 (doesn't effect the big games anymore, is not as comprehensively complete as Messi so shouldn't share a rating with him - still deserves to be rated higher than everyone else for his enormous goal tally) Bale +1 to 95 (Madrid's most efficient attacker and their most rounded one too. has been a huge part of two CL wins and one Copa win in his time at Madrid - is the only reason Madrid beat City, also) Benzema +1 to 95 (debatable; he doesn't seem like a 95-level player but he's as good as Aguero, sooo...) Modric +1 to 95 (thir
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