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  1. This. If you must keep the stars at least make them blue with white numbers like in the report.
  2. Every 4-2-3-1 formation played before the update is now classified as 4-2-3-1a. Since you are planning to go through with the new interface wether we like it or not maybe I can help make it more enjoyable. There are a few items I feel can be improved: 1) As previously stated stars are unnecesary, just make the ratings number bold so it stands out. Stars are rather tacky in my opinion. 2) I noticed you went for the "premier league" pitch with player pictures in place of shirts and 2/3 of the pitch shown instead of the full pitch. I personally find the numbered shirts and full pitch
  3. What is the point of offering suggestions when you shoot down every one that isn't in line with your view.
  4. This is an incredibly stupid thing to say even if it is true. I'll restrain mysefl from going into further discussions with you.
  5. Please don't use Soccerway anymore as it is not a reliable source. They only show players in certain position to make the formation logical and symetrical. In those last twelve bayern games I mentioned already Muller was playing as a CM five times, Robben as a CM twice and even Boateng played a game as a CM.
  6. can you please explain what part of it is better than the old one?
  7. I saw Muller playing a CM position five times in the last twelve Bayern games on soccerway, so I wouldn't put my eggs in that basket. Based on heat maps from the games they started this season I calculated the amount of time Robben and Coman spend in each third of the field. As benchmarks I used Neymar as an offensive winger, an AM® or a F® and Koke as a more defensive winger or a M®. Defensive third Middle third Attacking third Robben (7 games) 6,35% 30,18% 63,47%
  8. Well, since we don't have different types of pressing to choose from in this game I supposse the one we have implies the common high pressing where the entire team moves up the pitch.
  9. This seems like a very aroggant thing to say. Do you think you are the only one who actually watches games? I agree with anton on this one. Additional positions should only be awarded to players that deserved them. In a Chelsea vs Psg game when Zlatan recieved a red card, I remember matuidi shoe in on the left flank basically playing a ML in a 4-4-1. I remember neymar playing a kvazi wing back in another psg game where barca played something like a 3-4-3. Should they get MR and ML positions? No, because they don't have the skillset required to play those positions just like many of the
  10. I believe he is talking about this: http://imgur.com/UdgY0jh And if you close the ad this happens: http://imgur.com/FcB4MCd
  11. I find it hard to believe this. The inability to open links in new tabs on the interface is one of the reasons.
  12. I am not so sure about the time invested in making it and I don't think anyone who plays the game designed it too as everything is made more "user unfriendly".
  13. I usually base my tactics on whether or not I have higher avg rating. If my team is stronger, I attack, if weaker then I defend and if we have the same rating I tend to adjust my tactics according to opponents formation and instructions. Also why fix something that isn't broken?
  14. You need to fix the match report. Minutes of the goals are missing just as the avg rating and the substitutes are happening at 45 minutes even though I have set them at 60 minutes.
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