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  1. Regarding the ''new'' match engine how is it my opponent was able to field the new 4231 formation on the 3rd of October in GC1 when it wasn't even released ? 


    Every 4-2-3-1 formation played before the update is now classified as 4-2-3-1a.


    Since you are planning to go through with the new interface wether we like it or not maybe I can help make it more enjoyable.


    There are a few items I feel can be improved:


    1) As previously stated stars are unnecesary, just make the ratings number bold so it stands out. Stars are rather tacky in my opinion.

    2) I noticed you went for the "premier league" pitch with player pictures in place of shirts and 2/3 of the pitch shown instead of the full pitch. I personally find the numbered shirts and full pitch better looking. It would be nice if you could at least change the colour of the pitch to a lighter green to have more contrast since the background is dark.

    4) In the Last fixture page avg team rating is missing. That piece of information was very helpful for tactical decisions. Even on the match report players ratings are missing making manual calculation more demanding.

    5) In the Match statictics page players numbers are too big and often asymmetrical making it an eyesore. Statictics for the home team should also be displayed in white colour like the away team as black numbers look out of contrast with most of the team colours.


    Can someone explain the function of the plus symbol next to every player on the Tactics page?


    metaphysical, on 09 Dec 2015 - 10:07 PM, said:snapback.png

    meanwhile, as you can see from looking at the lineup on soccerway, he very definitely has played M(R ) this season. oh and there's Kingsley Coman playing M(L): click here



    Please don't use Soccerway anymore as it is not a reliable source. They only show players in certain position to make the formation logical and symetrical. In those last twelve bayern games I mentioned already Muller was playing as a CM five times, Robben as a CM twice and even Boateng played a game as a CM.

  3. meanwhile, as you can see from looking at the lineup on soccerway, he very definitely has played M(R ) this season. oh and there's Kingsley Coman playing M(L), as you doubted that as well: click here


    I saw Muller playing a CM position five times in the last twelve Bayern games on soccerway, so I wouldn't put my eggs in that basket.


    Based on heat maps from the games they started this season I calculated the amount of time Robben and Coman spend in each third of the field. As benchmarks I used Neymar as an offensive winger, an AM® or a F® and Koke as a more defensive winger or a M®.


                                               Defensive third          Middle third          Attacking third


    Robben (7 games)                     6,35%                     30,18%                  63,47%              


    Coman  (7 games)                     4,03%                     28,93%                  67,04%


    Neymar (13 games)                   3,87%                     34,65%                  61,48%


    Koke (11 games)                      13,75%                     50,31%                 35,94%


    As shown above, both Robben and Coman spend most of their time in the final third, even more so than Neymar. On the other hand Koke is most active in the middle of the park and is the only player of the four that deserves a M® position.


    Courtesy of Squawka.com

  4. as for the rest of it: watch them play the game, that's the proof. for all of them. I'm not going to trawl through transfermarkt or some other site to do your homework for you just because you haven't watched them play games.


    This seems like a very aroggant thing to say. Do you think you are the only one who actually watches games?


    I agree with anton on this one. Additional positions should only be awarded to players that deserved them.


    In a Chelsea vs Psg game when Zlatan recieved a red card, I remember matuidi shoe in on the left flank basically playing a ML in a 4-4-1. I remember neymar playing a kvazi wing back in another psg game where barca played something like a 3-4-3. Should they get MR and ML positions? No, because they don't have the skillset required to play those positions just like many of the players you listed above.

  5. Is it really? You can have teams playing with men behind the ball from half way' date=' thus being 'men behind the ball' and 'own half' for pressing but you could also want your team attacking and direct so when they press and win the ball back they quickly counter. [/quote']

    I assume "defensive" and "own half" should represent pressing on your own half. This system makes a lot more sense because now you can't see something like "men behind ball" and "all over" or "play offside" and "own area". I share the opinion that most of the instructions are covered by the ones that remained and all in all i find this a step forward rather than a step backwards.

  6. although very distasteful, such things are allowed in the current engine. At least for now because the new match engine rolls out soon and players position are going to be more strict like LB and RB won't be able to play in a 3 man defence and AM, AMR and AML won't be able to play in CM, MR and ML respectively. Al least, that is what they announced and I can't say with certainty that they will go through with it.

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